Lube truly is the unsung hero of sex play, isn’t it? What product works harder, is more essential, and with its mere absence can so completely kill the mood? Lube is awesome. Lube is where it’s at. Still think that any old goo will do! Not so! Sutil Botanical Body Glide to the rescue! 

Until recently, I had been very, very loyal two just two lubes for basically forever – a great cushy butt one and a fabulous all purpose  water-based formula that’s great for silicone toys. I was sure that my love for them was immovable … until the Sutil Botanical Body Glide entered my life. There’s lots to love about these fabulous products and they have stolen the top spot in my lube drawer, with the others being pushed to the back and all but forgotten.

Sutil Botanical Body Glide

Both formulations are incredibly slick and comfortable and they felt very natural, and felt the most similar to my body’s own lubrication of any lube I’ve ever used.

But Violet, why do you love Sutil Botanical Body Glide products?

The good folks at Sutil sent me two different products to try in exchange for an honest review: the Luxe Body Glide and the Rich Body Glide with Horny Goat Weed. To be perfectly frank, they are very similar, but not quite identical, in look and feel and I can’t definitively say that the Horny Goat Weed had much of an impact, but it certainly didn’t detract in any way. According to their website, the Horny Goat Weed is a natural aphrodisiac:

“Horny Goat Weed has been used in China for 2000 years. Chinese Herbalists observed very sexually active old goats eating this weed, hence the name. It enhances libido in both men and women when taken internally by increasing energy and stimulating sexual hormone production. It is like a natural Viagra. Topically (as used in our lubricant) it can have a slight vasodilating effect on erectile tissue (brings blood to the area) . It is also applied to help alleviate menopausal discomfort and soothe dryness.”

Both formulations are incredibly slick and comfortable and they felt very natural, and felt the most similar to my body’s own lubrication of any lube I’ve ever used. I have luckily never had any issues with vaginal dryness (I’m sure I’ll get my turn when menopause strikes) but I can absolutely see how and why one would use Sutil Botanical Body Glide outside of a sexual scenario to increase vaginal comfort. The texture is very fine and natural, no smell or stickiness and even after extended friction it didn’t thicken and get tight or stringy.

Vaginal vs. Anal Lubrication

Call me high maintenance, but I strongly believe that it’s worth considering different formulations of lubes when you use them for more than one purpose. For both vaginal and anal use I want something that is very gentle and long lasting but plays well with condoms and toys. For anal use, specifically, I want extra slip and slide. For the most seamless experience, lubes that are Ph appropriate are best and Sutil Botanical Body Glide has made those considerations for you:

“SUTIL lubes come in two hypoallergenic, Ph balanced formulations. SUTIL Luxe, our original light formulation with a pH of 4.5 optimal for the vagina , and SUTIL Rich, our new formulation with a pH of 6 optimal for the anus but still in range for the vagina. Sutil Rich has enhanced viscosity to ease anal penetration, help alleviate menopausal discomfort and soothe dry and delicate tissues.”

I used both lubes vaginally and I used both lubes anally, to see if there was any distinguishable difference, and my findings were that, YES: these formulas are unique to one another. The Rich formula is just that, more rich and it clings more to skin than the Luxe, yet it still never changed texture with use and didn’t require additional applications. Both formulas are water based so clean up is easy and there’s no issue of staining materials like there is with oil or silicone based lubes. Finding a water based lube that performs similarly to a silicone lube is really something. I love both these formulas, but the thicker consistency of the Rich Body Glide is comforting when it comes to butt stuff.

Luxe worked great for anal play too but it was not as slick and was more of a challenge skin to skin with my partner, not having the same super-slickness as the Rich formula. But the Luxe, anally, with toys was a fabulous combination.

So many reasons to love Sutil Botanical Body Glide

  • All natural, body safe ingredients
  • Plant sourced and eco-certified
  • Vegan formulations
  • Paraben free
  • Glycerin free
  • Toy and condom safe
  • Long lasting slickness that never gets nasty and sticky
  • “I can’t believe it’s not silicone!” incredibly pleasant and luxurious waterbased formulas
  • Also available in 4 natural flavours: mint, cherry, vanilla and coconut
  • All in a biodegradable tube!

Bang for your Buck

Sutil offers sample packs, travel sizes and two full size options for the Sutil Botanical Body Glide  in 4 or 8oz each. The largest size is less than $30 USD and like all good lubes, a little goes a long way. This lube may be more expensive than supermarket and dug store brands but the confidence it gives is incredible. It is an all-star product that is worth every penny, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts on Sutil Botanical Body Glides

Lube is worth some thought and consideration. It’s never too late to find your perfect lube and even if you think you have, stay open to new products and formulas. The technology of lubrication is evolving, and Sutil is obviously on the cutting age, blending ancient botanical properties with new tech and new desires from consumers. I can’t state enough that these products have completely replaced the two lubes I previously loved because they are just that good.

Don’t believe me? Get your own Sutil Botanical Body Glide ! You’ll be glad you did.

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.