Sutil Flavours

Sutil Flavours

Sutil Flavours

You know I love Sutil Lubes, that’s not news. I’ve blogged about their classic lube, their horny goat weed infused Body Glide, and of course, their absolutely gorgeous Love Potion massage oils. Sutil are an all around great brand that I love. Imagine my excitement when they sent me their Flavours line: four naturally flavoured lubricants in four mouthwatering flavours.

I didn’t think I’d like it

If I’m honest, I wasn’t confident that I would love the Flavours from Sutil because I’m not really a fan of flavoured lube. So often the flavours of lubes are very artificial and there’s an underlying taste of plastic/rubber/petroleum byproducts. Yuck!

But I do!

The Sutil Flavours are really impressive. They taste real because they are made from natural, organic flavours and sweetened with stevia, because sugar and genitals do not mix! There are four flavours to choose from: Cherry, Vanilla, Coconut and Mint.


How a flavoured lube tastes is pretty important, and as flavoured lubes go, these are the best I have tried. Available in 10ml sample size, 60ml and 120ml tubes (all packaging is eco-friendly!) the Sutil Flavours will make a fun and sexy addition to your oral sex routine.


I am a big fan of coconut and it is often one that I will choose if it is on offer in a dessert, or even a savoury dish. The Sutil Flavours Coconut is bright and fruity, very tropical, yet doesn’t have that miserable chemical “sunscreen” flavour. It is summery and light, sweet and very pleasant; great for a hot summer session or for bringing back memories of vacations in the sun and sand.


Cherry lube? How delightfully retro! I wasn’t even having sex in the 80s and somehow cherry lube makes me think of big hair and roller rinks and Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers. It makes me think of coloured condoms and making love by the dashboard lights. I’ll admit, I snickered when I saw this because generic “cherry flavour” can be so awful and taste like cough syrup, but the Sutil Flavours Cherry has nailed this classic candy flavour with a juicy, sweet, cherry-full flavour profile that is naturally sourced but still has that wonderfully nostalgic 80s arcade flavour.


Vanilla is a long-standing sensual product flavour because it is so warm and comforting and brings about happy sensory memories like fresh baked cookies and drippy ice cream cones. Smells and tastes that evoke home and baking are among some of the strongest associated with pleasure and comfort, making the Sutil Flavours Vanilla my new go-to for a cozy candlelit cuddle or a lazy afternoon wank. Remember – you don’t need a partner to enjoy flavoured lubes. Settle in with your favourite toys and read some sexy smut, and get cosy with yourself!


I’ve saved the best for last: the Sutil Flavours Mint. This lubricant is downright refreshing and has a genuine peppermint flavour that is so natural that is gives your mouth that cool, clean, mint feeling. If it feels that good in your mouth, imagine how cool and tingly it will feel on yours or your partners’ most sensitive places! This is my favourite of the four Sutil Flavours and the one I reach for most often.

Mix ‘n’ match

As amazing as the Sutil Flavours are on their own, they also make some pretty delicious flavour combos. You can mix and match for a completely bespoke experience that suits your tastes perfectly.

Texture and Performance

Sutil Flavoured Lubricants have a light, fresh, true taste. They also have long lasting glide that leaves no trace of residue or stickiness. Made from their original Luxe formulation with luscious organic flavour concentrates and sweetened with stevia, these will change your mind about flavoured lubes. They are body safe, condom and toy compatible, and sugar and glycerin free. Sugar has no place in your lube! Your comfort, utility and pleasure have been well considered in these yummy formulations.

The Luxe formulation is awesome. Although it’s a worry-free water-based lube, it is rich enough and long lasting enough to take you from manual stimulation to oral, to vaginal penetration, to anal penetration. This formula does it all and keeps you slick and comfortable while you wander across your own body or a partner’s. You don’t have to compromise performance for flavour. These lubes do it all!

Bang for your buck

The 60ml/2oz (travel/purse size) Flavours are $15.50 and the 120ml/l4oz (full size) are $24.95 making them very affordable and great value considering the quality of ingredients.

The Fawkes’ Faves Seal of Approval

Sutil Flavours ABSOLUTELY deserve the Fawkes’ Faves commendation! They are outstanding products doing exactly what they promise to do: provide you with a tasty, fun, quality lube experience. I love these flavoured lubes and I think you will too.


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