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Even the word gives me a little shiver, a frisson of emotion and memory, because once you’ve wielded one, and especially after you’ve been struck with one, you never, ever forget. But not all canes are created equal, so let me tell you why here at Chez Violet we LOVE the canes from Creative Kink Toys.

Before I tell you why I love these canes, and how much I love these canes, I must acknowledge the patience of the good folks at Creative Kink. They sent me these canes about 6 months ago, just in time for my D/s relationship at the time (with Loverboy) to end. All of a sudden I had no one to spank, and being bereft and not officially in a D/s dynamic with other partners, I also wasn’t in the sort of headspace to be spanked. These canes rested, fallow, standing up in the corner of the closet, barely used since the day that Loverboy walked out. Oof. I emailed the team at Creative Kink and apologised that the review was a bit on hold because I wasn’t going to get much use from them until the tides changed. I was so touched that they were a) understanding and b) completely unrushed, meaning that I could take my time and ease back into a space where these canes would be an ass-et (see what I did there?) and not an emotional liability. Great canes, made by great people!

The Goods

Creative Kink generously sent me three fabulous canes, in exchange for an honest review. They have been used by both myself and one of my Evergreen Partners, Ralph London.

The Delrin Whip Cane – 20″
The Delrin Whip Cane – 30″

• Materials: High impact delrin polymer and soft vinyl grip/handle wrap
• Width: 3/8” thick
• Flexibility: extremely flexible/”whippy”
• Good for: Beginners to advanced
• Sensation: very stingy, leaves welts
• Marks: thin, very defined lines

The big highlight for delrin canes is that they can be sterilized! Perhaps you’ve never considered how valuable that could be; I certainly hadn’t, but that’s because I’m fluid-bonded with my partners and we don’t tend to spank/cane until there’s broken skin so it’s not a priority. However, if you’re a pro and caning an ever changing roster of clients, or you have multiple users sharing one implement, full sterilization is a fantastic feature to keep your kink practices safe.

The Motherfucker (24″, made from 5 solid oak dowels)
“Heavy Oak Thuddy Spanking Toy for BDSM and Kink Spanking Lovers”

• Length: 24” long
• Materials: solid oak, (colour stained), soft vinyl grip/handle wrap
• Width: 5 x 1/2” thick rods
• Flexibility: absolutely zero
• Good for: Beginners to Advanced
• Sensation: Thuddier than a Paddle
• Marks: Thick bars/lines

This absolute beast of an implement lives up to it’s name, and I can only presume that it’s moniker was earned after some lucky tester yelled out “Motherfucker!” in sheer pain and/or delight.

I have found myself on both sides of these sexy hitty things, and I was very pleased with all of it. These are high quality, thoughtfully made objects and they feel great whether you’re giving or receiving.


The difference in length between these two canes may seem insignificant but believe me, it makes all the difference in the world. The shorter of the two has less spring and whip to it, but still bends and makes a thrilling “swish!” in the air before it leaves a sharp and smarting line on the receiver’s flesh. The longer one is more whippy and makes a more dramatic noise as it whizzes towards its target. Because the delrin is both flexible and very dense, it leaves very distinct marks (a very desirable feature, IMO) and it takes very little effort to bring up crisp welts. These canes are substantial but light, and their flexibility really adds to the sting of the impact.

I, for one, completely underestimated these canes. Upon handling them the first time, I was taken by their lightness and simplicity. They bow dramatically when you bend them between your hands, which is deliciously menacing. They are so understated and don’t seem very vicious, but they absolutely leave a bite. If anything, my one caution would be to start very slow and small because the flexibility and “bite” means that you can dole out more pain than you intend to and as with all impact play, you’ll need to communicate with your partner and adjust accordingly.

The Motherfucker

Aptly named, this heavy, thuddy bundle of sticks is truly, a motherfucker. When I opened the shipping tube, I recall thinking, “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into!” because this implement is formidable. It’s essentially just 5 rods of oak, bound at one end and finished with a soft vinyl grip with a wrist loop. My initial trepidation, after tapping it into my palm, was not that it would be insufferably pain-giving but that it might be loud. I have some significant sound triggers that come with C-PTSD and this is an ongoing issue with impact play for me – enough so that a riding crop once had to have its tongue snipped off because the loud cracking sound it made sent me into a dissociative state. The rods of the Motherfucker do clack against one another but because they are very close, the sound is not nearly as intense as one might think, and because it’s real hardwood the sound is resonant and rich, not plastic-y or sharp. Now that I have been on the receiving end of Ralph London’s ministrations with the motherfucker, I have come to really love the sounds it makes in combination with its hefty thud.

The sheer mass of the Motherfucker makes it fun and easy to use. Ralph loves it and claims that it is the most natural-feeling spank other than using his hand. He likes the weight and length, it becomes an extension of his arm, and because it’s not heavier on either end, it’s predictable and reliable as it doles out broad, warm marks.

We use the motherfucker as an intermediate warm up. Ralph always starts with scratching, rubbing and bare palm smacks to get my skin supple and bring the blood nearer the surface. Then it’s time for the Motherfucker to impart wide, thuddy blows that get my whole ass glowing. Once things are running smoothly and he’s checked in and I’m “green” (we use the traffic light system), only then might he elect to switch to the delrin canes to highlight the groundwork he’s laid with the Motherfucker and his hand.

For me, as a short person with short arms and less than heroic upper body strength, I find the Motherfucker a bit heavy and fatiguing when I wield it. Even with the physics in mind it’s just a bit too beefy to be comfortable in my small hand, but for a taller, slightly stronger person, it will work very well. The hefty weight and girth is not at all a detractor, it’s just a matter of fit. If I’m topping with the Motherfucker, it’s more about the intimidation factor of the 5-in-1 style and that distinct sound than the endurance by my partner.

Bang For Your Buck

Creative Kink Toys is an American company based out of Philadelphia, PA owned and operated by a fabulous couple who are kinksters themselves:

“Our entire concept is making solid, attractive, valuable toys and fetish tools for people to use and play with in their intimate lives. Toy that will last longer than corporate made cheapies, look hot in your hands, and feel just right on your unmentionables.
No, we don’t make the $100 art piece paddles that you hang up and quake in fear at the thought of scratching – we make real toys, solid tools, and Brat-fearing pain implements.
Not that the brats would ever admit it… *sigh* “

The Delrin BDSM Spanking Canes are less than $20 US, folks. If that’s not a skookum deal, I don’t know what is. They come in white or black and in the two lengths described above.

The Motherfucker is a steal at around $35 US (depends on the combination of wood and length)

I encourage you to go sift through the Creative Kink wares and see for yourself. If canes and thuddy hitty sticks aren’t your cup of tea they have knives, paddles, sex toys and a whole section just called “Other Sadist Toys”. The mind reels. Kink earned the fawkes’ faves seal of approval

Overall, I cannot say enough great things about Creative Kink Toys. From the people and customer service, to the beautiful implements, to their unfussy approach to sexy, well made products, this is a brand that I am very proud to work with, and I’m really excited to finally get this review completed and out into the world. A big thank you again to Creative Kink for their generosity and patience. I hope that you follow them on Twitter and Instagram and check out all the awesome things they sell on their website.

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.