Suga’ Daddy Dildo

I can never decide which I like better: hyper realistic dildos or ones that are fully abstract.


I think that ultimately, some of my faves land right in the middle of that spectrum: phallic but not meant to exactly emulate a penis in a natural way. The Suga’ Daddy , made by Rock Candy, perfectly straddles that line – it’s not “out there” and wacky (I like wacky!) but it’s also plain enough that it’s not distracting or challenging in terms of its shape and construction. I have dubbed my Suga’ Daddy dil “Heff” after Hugh Hefner, arguably the King of the Sugar Daddies. Shout out to HotCherry for sending me this pretty pink dildo!

Why you need a Suga’ Daddy

  • 4 sizes and 4 colours are available: 5.5″, 7″, 8″ and 9.5″. The one that I have is the 8″ model in pink (purple and blue are also available) so you can have it how you like it
  • Easy-clean, simple-sanitize silicone is body safe and long lasting
  • Great with your favourite water based lube
  • Suction cup base for a variety of applications
  • Harness compatible
  • Sizes differ in length only
  • Shaft d​ia​meter​:​1.75″ ​
  • Shaft circumference: 5.5″ ​​
  • Base diameter: ​3.5″
  • Medium density, this dil is comfortably bendy but rigid enough to provide a significant resistance and “fullness”

The Suga’ Daddy in Action

I was really pleased with the Suga’ Daddy’s suction cup base, so much so, that whilst testing it, I left it in my shower for many days, using it stuck to the wall as well as to the built in corner bench seat. In the shower, of all places, one hopes that the suction cup will hold (always be safe and assess the risk of slippery sexytimes in showers and tubs before you begin!). I’m happy to say that the Suga’ Daddy held on like a champ in every conceivable scenario I tried it in. If getting wet and wild isn’t your thing, you can anchor this dildo to any smooth, clean surface and ride into the sunset.

As a harness toy, this is a formidable dildo to strap on. Definitely not a starter size for anyone inexperienced with anal (receiving) and the completely straight shaft makes being the pegger less intuitive than a curved dildo. It’s great in a harness and fit perfectly with my 2″ O-ring.

Manually, the length and chunky base made this an easy-to-hold dildo for self stimulation or manual use on a partner. Smaller toys tend to give me hand cramps if there’s not enough girth to hold onto but the Suga’ Daddy does not lack in that department. It’s a beefy, solid chunk of silicone and it’s heft (Heff-t?) is pleasantly substantial both in hand and when inserted.

I received my Suga’ Daddy gratis, thanks to the fine folks at HotCherry, but you can get your own on their site for the regular sale price of $61.99 USD.

Yes, Daddy, yes!

The Suga’ Daddy dildo is a huge YES from me. I love this luxuriously rippled toy in all its simplicity and substantial proportions. I enthusiastically give this dildo the Fawkes’ Faves Seal of Approval. If you’re in the market for a toy that will spoil you no matter how you use it, get yourself a Suga’ Daddy!

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.