This is my third review for Hathor/SUTIL and my love for this brand only grows with each new and luxurious product.  These Love Potions by Sutil are positively intoxicating and multipurpose – I bet you’d like to know what I go up to with them …

{The good folks at Hathor/SUTIL sent me both of their Love Potions, free of charge, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This post does not contain affiliate links.}

Tantalize your senses with the luxury of exotic fragrance and the exquisite sensation of silky smooth skin. Contains ethically cultivated essential oils from aromatic plants with aphrodisiac properties. For your pleasure.”

First I tried the Botanical Body Glides, then the Queen of Lubes, Lubricant Pure, and now I have the honour and delight of indulging in Love Potions by Sutil. They make two gorgeous massage oils, chock full of botanical ingredients to awaken the senses and get you in the mood. I’m not usually one for aphrodisiacs but in the case of these love potions, I absolutely concur that the scents, along with butter-soft almond oil, makes for a sensual and arousing experience.

When you breath in aromatic oils, they travel through your olfactory system to the limbic portion of your brain, which controls your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and sexual impulses. Aphrodisiacs create a euphoric state and stimulate sexual pleasure through their powerful influence over mind and body.”

Do you remember that old song, ‘Love Potion No. 9’? Well forget number nine, the Love Potions by Sutil come in two different scents: #17 and #23. Seventeen and twenty three happen to be my two favourite numbers (seriously!) so I was extra intrigued and eager to see how they are the same and how they are different. Both have the same formulation and simple list of natural ingredients but their scent notes are quite different. ‘Notes’ are divided into three levels: top, middle and base and together they make up the complete scent of a fragrance. The top note is often the first thing you smell and as that evaporates, you get a catch a whiff of the middle, and lastly, the base note, which is what lingers on your skin.

Love Potion #17

Love Potion #17 has a bright, spicy bouquet from six essential oils:

Top note: geranium, ylang ylang
Middle note: tangerine, ginger
Base note: cinnamon, cedarwood

It has a crisp, citrus sensibility and it’s freshness is invigorating and flirtatious. I loved the way that #17 lasted on my skin and it has become a go-to perfume. I have also found that #17 has been good for headaches; a couple drops rubbed into my temples and the hinge of my jaw has provided relief when nothing else would.

Love Potion #23

Love Potion #23 has a deeper, darker, more robust scent profile than #17 and also uses six essential oils:

Top note: ylang ylang, pink grapefruit
Middle note: vetiver, lime
Base note: jasmine, frankincense

Of the two, I really love #23 the most. Both are lovely and intoxicating and erotic smelling, but the depth and sweetness from the jasmine and frankincense in #23 really resonates for me. The frankincense lends an almost licorice-y note and the jasmine smells like pure sex; sultry and sweet and super exotic.

So useful, so luxurious

Designed as massage oils, they also multi-task as body moisturizer, perfume, hair oil, bath oil and lubricant for solo or partnered play (as long as you aren’t pairing them with latex condoms/dams because oils degrade latex). The folks at Sutil have a great blog post about how to use their Love Potions that details just how hard working these sensual oils are. As with all Sutil products, they are natural, eco-responsibly packaged and made of as few ingredients as possible. There are no nasty chemicals or synthetics hidden in the Love Potions by Sutil, just almond oil, natural essential oils and vitamin E. There’s nothing you don’t want and everything you do, which makes them an easy choice when you reach for something slippery and sexy. As a fun bonus, the bottles that these Love Potions come in are metal, so they are easily warmed to body temperature or beyond just by running hot tap water over them (make sure the lids are screwed down tight).

Bang for your buck

All Hathor/SUTIL products, including the Love Potions, are well priced and available online and in-store in eight different countries around the world, so you can always get your hands (and other parts) on all the sexy, scented, slipperiness you need.

The Love Potions come in one size only (4oz/120ml bottles) and they retail for $29.95 which is entirely reasonable since one small dribble is often all I need, though it feels so good and smells so amazing, that I have gluttonously drizzled it into the bath, worked it through my hair and slathered it on my lovers’ bodies. Regardless of how you use it, these are a premium product at a fantastic price.

Treat yourself, you won’t regret it

Forget what you think you know about massage oils and indulge in these Love Potions by Sutil. They are exquisite and I have no criticism for them. My only wish is that the good folks at Sutil add to the Love Potion collection and continue to produce more of these stunningly sensual oils. Just as with the other Hathor/SUTIL products in my bedside drawer, these Love Potions are in frequent use and I would recommend them to anyone who will listen. Both Love Potions have more than earned the Fawkes’ Faves Seal of Approval. BUY YOURS NOW!

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.