There are lots of reasons to love Lubricant Pure by Hathor/SUTIL and I want to tell you all about them because I want you to have this quality lube in your life! How much do I love this lube? Let me count the ways …

{The good folks at Hathor/SUTIL sent me Lubricant Pure, free of charge, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This post does not contain affiliate links.}

a tube of Lubricant Pure lube on a grey textured fabric background

I’m no stranger to Canadian-made Sutil lubes but this was my first introduction to Lubricant Pure; the classic, the original, and the Queen of Lubes, in my opinion. She’s an elegant beauty, pure of heart and beautifully made, statuesque in her eco-friendly, biodegradable tube; simple, clean, effective.

back of Lubricant Pure tube - ingredients and the mantra "all we need is love" You’re Gonna Love Lubricant Pure

When it comes to lube, I had been very brand-loyal for a very long time to a couple of big names in the slippery business of personal lubricants. That all changed when I connected with the Sutil brand and discovered their line of products. I love that they are:

  • local to my hometown
  • environmentally conscious
  • sex positive
  • made with quality ingredients
  • odourless
  • latex and silicone compatible

Also, who can resist the mantra “All we need is LOVE” on the back of every tube? I certainly can’t. I love cute stuff like that!

Lube Should Be Reliable, Don’t Settle!

Every time I reach for Lubricant Pure I know that it is going to work perfectly and that there will be no irritation or impossible mess to clean up. The vast majority of the toys I use are silicone or glass and some of the sex I have involves condoms, so a lube that is reliable and comfortable to use but also silicone and latex friendly is important. Even more important to me is that it’s not made from dubious chemicals and full of irritating additives.

Every time I reach for Lubricant Pure I know that it is going to work perfectly and that there will be no irritation or impossible mess to clean up.

Think About What’s Important to You

When choosing a lube, or any sexual pleasure products, I like to consider my personal Hierarchy of Needs. This helps prioritize the things that are most important to me and makes it easier to define what you’re looking for. The base of the pyramid is the most foundational and important consideration, with each layer above it representing the “nice to haves” vs. the “must haves”. Ultimately they are all important, but getting your priorities straight will help you choose a product that you love and that works for you each and every time you use it.

My lube hierarchy of needs is simple and is completely satisfied by Lubricant Pure. It has minimal, and natural, ingredients, the texture is amazing and it never gets gummy or sticky. It has good staying power for a water-based lube, making it really comfortable to use alone, with any of my toys, or with a partner. It’s also non-staining and easy to clean up and clean off of your body

Lubricant Hierarchy of Needs

(Likewise, you can read about my Dildo Hierarchy of Needs here)

Bang For Your Buck

All Hathor/SUTIL products, including Lubricant Pure, are well priced and available online and in-store in eight different countries around the world, so you can always get your hands (and other parts) on all the sexy, slipperiness you need.

The 4oz/120ml tube retails for $29.95 which is a fabulous deal considering all of its many merits and how far it goes: one small squirt is often all I need. If you want more, or less, it is also available in 8oz/250ml and 2oz/60ml sizes and they even have itty bitty sample sizes that are perfect for on the go.

Upgrade Your Lube and Upgrade Your Life

fawkes' favesIt bears repeating that Lubricant Pure is an absolutely superior product. I have no criticism of it at all, and I have found it to be a dependable, hard working lube that is a joy to use. I have absolutely no hesitations about giving Lubricant Pure the Fawkes’ Faves seal of approval and recommending it to anyone who is in the market for the best lube of their life. Toss that cheap “good enough” drug store lube and improve your solo or partnered sex with Lubricant Pure and the whole family of incredible products from Hathor/SUTIL.

Treat yourself! Your genitals deserve Lubricant Pure! 

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Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.