What are you writing this month? Join in and use these 9 words in your sexy, sordid stories.

Welcome to Write Big Sexy Words!

On the first of the month, I will share a blog post containing 9 big sexy words and their definitions, along with examples that use them in an erotic context. Feel free to use the words and phrases as writing prompts or simply as a resource to bolster your vocabulary and add some new words to your already brilliant writing ideas.

If you use these big sexy words, (and even if you don’t!) feel free to link up your post(s) in the current month’s post.



The WBSW Rules

  • This website is 18+ and so must you be to participate in WBSW
  • Posts must be sex-positive
  • No kink-shaming! Opinions are fine, attacks are not.
  • NSFW content is 100% acceptable, illegal activities are not (not limited to anything involving kids or minors, beastiality, non-consensual violence or use of illegal substances, etc.)
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  • Support each other! You needn’t comment or share every link but make sure that you encourage and support your favourites each week!
  • The link-up post will be available on the first day of the month, each month. If you’d like to suggest a word or theme let me know! 
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The WBSW Badge

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If you have words you’d like to see featured in Write Big Sexy Words, reach out and I’ll include them in upcoming posts.

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