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    “She imagined herself both queen and slave, dominatrix and victim. In her imagination she was making love with men of all skin colors–white, black, yellow–with homosexuals and beggars. She was anyone’s, and anyone could do anything to her. She had one, two, three orgasms, one after another. She imagined everything she had never imagined before, and she gave herself to all that was most base and most pure.” — Paulo Coelho (Veronika Decides to Die)                      

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    G is for Grape

    My love, suddenly your hip is the curve of the wineglass filled to the brim, your breast is the cluster, your hair the light of alcohol, your nipples, the grapes your navel pure seal stamped on your barrel of a belly, and your love the cascade of unquenchable wine, the brightness that falls on my senses, the earthen splendor of life. Pablo Neruda     Click the kiss below to see more sinners and their sins

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    Winter, Waiting

    These winter days are bare and bleak; a coldness is seeping into me that I cannot escape. I can’t outrun the wind and so I hunker down, hibernating, cool flesh like sunbleached bone, warming slowly under snowy feathers, amidst the pillows and the quiet sounds I make in vain, one handed, scrambling to imagine, fighting to forget.   See who else is sinning this week …

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    Weekend Reprieve

    It’s been a vulnerable week for a number of reasons. I am proud of myself for managing as well as I did and being articulate and authentic with my feelings. I certainly feel like I’ve earned a bit of a lie-in this morning. What do you say? Would you be quick to kick me out of bed or would you linger with me?

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    F is for Fat and Fucking Fabulous

    Not so long ago I could never have posted this picture. I would have taken it, groaned at its hideousness and deleted it out of shame and fear. No more! I don’t prescribe to “new year, new me” but it’s about time I asked my body for forgiveness for all the hate I’ve hurled at it, all the abuse I’ve allowed it to endure, and all the time I’ve spent hiding it. I declared 2019 “The Year of the Nudes” and I mean it. No more being camera shy. More pics, more body acceptance celebration, more positivity, more love, more truth.      

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    Chance of Flurries

    The sky is filled with snow, not yet fallen, lavender clouds, mission unfulfilled, laden with infinite perfection in countless, tiny stars of ice. I am that snow: soft and silent, falling without memory or hesitation. A flurry of pale desire blankets us and your warm hands begin to thaw my frozen heart. 

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    Snow White

    The wintry weather has come early and is falling, soft and downy, all around Chez Violet. It’s kept us home all day, which can only mean one thing … we had to keep warm somehow, and the pale northern sunlight streaming in was no help at all.

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    A mermaid found a swimming lad, Picked him up for her own, Pressed her body to his body, Laughed; and plunging down Forgot in cruel happiness That even lovers drown. WB Yeats