A Plug and Pegs Day

“It’s a plug and pegs day, Princess.” He needn’t tell me any more than that. Just one line and I’ve opened my desk drawer, which houses among the usual stationery supplies, a slim plug, two wooden clothes pegs and a tube of thick, viscous lube.

He Canes, She Cries

{CW: impact play} I love long, lazy weekend afternoons in bed, especially when  my panties are yanked up betwixt my cheeks and my ass is thrashed with hitty things.

Masochism: Not All Pain is Good Pain

{Content Warning: self harm, masochism, abuse. All references are my own and not intended to summarize or speak for any other person’s experiences.} As someone who must actively manage, and have help managing, their mental health, the correlations with kink and sex and want and need, have all been prominent concepts for me for awhile.…


I roll over in the hazy morning light, heavy drapes holding back the grim drizzle of the rain outside. Your form beside me is slack with sleep, six feet of gentle submission, chin tucked to your chest.