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Content Note: As with all my erotica, particularly involving DD/lg characters, please note that the use of “girl” and “Daddy” are expressive, not literal. All characters are of age and all power exchange dynamics are pre-negotiated. All punishment is consensual.

Fellow White Folks: use your guilt for good

Fellow White Folks: Use your guilt for good

My white guilt is ugly. It’s selfish and problematic and knowing that I have white guilt, adds to my white guilt. If you’re white too, I know you know what I mean. It’s uncomfortable, and we don’t want to look at it, acknowledge it, or admit it but the world is burning and it’s not…

Let’s Give This a Shot, Shall We?

I’m so excited that Hyacinth Jones is hosting Every Damn Day In June again. This is the third year I have participated and the third year it has motivated me to blog daily and be more planful about ensuring that I have the resources (and ideas!) in place to blog every damn day for 30…