glass dildo collection

You are cordially invited to browse through my personal collection of pleasure products. See for yourself which ones got me off and which ones pissed me off.


Hathor/SUTIL is a company I am are so proud to partner with. They are a Canadian, family owned and operated business that has been producing high quality, body safe, naturally-based lubricants since 1989. I have tried a lot of lube over the years and nothing out performs the product line from Hathor/SUTIL. Not only are their products effective, they are small-batch made to ensure the highest quality and they source organic flavours, herbal aphrodisiac extracts, and soothing plant emollients. Produced and packaged in Canada, Hathor/SUTIL uses minimal and eco-conscious packaging and is sold all around the world by select sex positive boutiques. If that wasn’t enough, Hathor/SUTIL also comes highly recommended by doctors, pelvic floor practitioners, sex therapists, bloggers and educators.



Love Potions by Sutil have earned the seal of approval for products I love


Look for the Fawkes’ Faves seal of approval. Only the best products receive this distinguished title and we would never recommend something we didn’t absolutely love.