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Work with me if you need to creative sponsored content, insightful product reviews, guest posts, or photo & illustration commissions!

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Banner placement and brand sharing with companies that jive with the vibe and values of Love, Violet. Contact me directly to explore advertising possibilities.

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Reputable companies with quality products will always be considered. Let me know if you think your program would be a good fit. All affiliate links will be clearly disclosed in reviews and posts and my product reviews are always unbiased and truthful.

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All blog content is original and produced by me so I do not accept pre-fab posts but I’m open to sharing products I love with readers. Contact me and we will discuss all the details. All reviews will be genuine and permanently published in my Reviews category.

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Sharing links and promoting writers in the erotica community is important. You can find my Recommended Reading here and feel free, if you find a post or image of mine that you appreciate, to share it in a likewise fashion. If you wish to reprint or use a post or image on your blog, in your magazine or anthology, please contact me first to discuss rates and availability of my work.

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