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    #LiFE Round Up – Week 20 – by Posy Churchgate

    Welcome to the Round up and Top 5 Lingerie Picks for #LiFE Week 20!  Posy Churchgate has written some wonderful things and a great bio, so I will let her words speak for themselves: I love this meme because it is so celebratory. People can show off their favourite underthings, display themselves the way they like to look. Our bodies in underwear can be a private thing – but some lingerie is too pretty or flattering to hide. I feel boosted in both my confidence and my sense of allure by knowing that I have flattering, attractive underwear on that only my beloved will see. This week the prompt was…

  • Every Damn Day In June 2019,  Short Fiction

    Call and Answer – Every Damn Day In June – 8/30

    I’ve been trying to do my best at revising old drafts and reworking some older pieces. I believe I published this long ago before this iteration of this blog. Am I padding my stats for Every Damn Day In June? Maybe. But does it matter? It’s a good piece. Let me know if you like it! The wind is picking up, warm and dry from the south and the candy sweet smells of a carnival are carried over the dry fields where the red and yellow tents sprawl. The storm clouds are menacing and dark, dripping with malice and flattening the light, muffling the creaking, lustful moans of the calliope.…

  • Every Damn Day In June 2019

    The Worst Blowjob I Ever Gave – Every Damn Day In June – 7/30

    When I was in high school in the mid-90s, sex was not really the hot thing to do. Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS provided enough cautionary tales that we were far from previous decades’ free love. What sex we did have was well wrapped and not the messy, unctuous, cummy affair that it can be. There was no trusting the rhythm method, no glorious pull-out and warm dousing of semen on thighs or buttocks or bellies but with our hormone saturated adolescent logic we easily, carelessly, rationalized blowjobs. No one used a condom for giving head. That was absurd. Not even the graphic photos of gonorrhea of the throat or the looming…

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    #BoobDay – Love Yourself First

    TGIFriday, mothercluckers! I hope you have the hottest, horniest, squirtiest, spurtiest, ooeyest-gooeyest, most toe-curlingly delicious weekend full of whatever it is that gets your rocks off. Finish the wine, order the dessert, stay up, sleep in, just do it, say yes and live and love and enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Love, Violet xx   “If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.” Charles Bukowski  

  • Every Damn Day In June 2019

    Exquisite Taste in Notebooks – Every Damn Day In June – 6/30

    We’re six days into this lark of writing Every Damn Day In June and I’m already feeling a bit wimpy about it. Not because it’s hard to do, not because it’s not worth it, not any good reason at all, other than sometimes I get in my own way a bit. If I have “failed” at something in the past I often feel doomed to repeat that failure. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, yada yada yada. I know that it’s a self fulfilling prophecy but let’s be real for a second: sometimes our pain is comforting, simply because it is familiar. I have never successfully managed…

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    #ELust 118

    Welcome to Elust 118– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #119? Start with the rules, come back June 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!   Photo courtesy of My Controlled Ascent   ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ I have daddy issues Processing Emotions about Polyamory Mirror Masturbation ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ V is for view Not Alone ~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~ Negotiating “NO”  …

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    Breakthrough – Every Damn Day In June – 5/30

    My fingers are in my mouth because he wants them there. Three of them, my pinky and thumb hugging my cheeks which are slick with drool, my palm pressed into my tongue, the trap door of my throat pulsing as he goads me on gently. He’s proud of me. His voice is heavy and stern but thick with love, both a hug and a slap. He knows I’m humiliated as he calmly tells me to speak. I pull my drenched fingers from my mouth to sputter the single word he wants to hear and I’m instantly admonished, caught on a technicality; he never said I could stop sucking. It’s like…

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    Who Heals The Healer? – Every Damn Day In June – 4/30

    I am accustomed to pain, to loss, to grief and the numbness that follows. Whether good or bad, healthy or not, I have found ways in my life to manage the complete familiarity of sadness and work through it. It may come as a surprise that such a crybaby as me is usually the one supporting and healing others and I know I come across as self involved and needy, and I guess I am, but I’m also a pillar of strength for the people I care about when I have the bandwidth to be useful. I may sound desperate and broken and hopeless, and I am, but I know…

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    #LiFE Week 20 – Theme Week! Come play

    Hello Lingerie Lovers! Welcome to our 20th week of celebrating a diverse array of bodies in lingerie, proving, affirming and reminding the world that lingerie is for everyone! If you’re a regular reader and/or contributor, welcome back! If you’re new, feel free to slip into something more comfortable and join the party below! This week’s Round up will be by erotica author extraordinaire, Posy Churchgate (@PosyChurchgate on Twitter). She will be choosing 3-5 images that she loves and sharing her thoughts. Lucky for her, it’s a THEME WEEK! OUR THEME THIS WEEK (optional!) IS “COMFY IS CUTE” – so break out your comfiest knickers, etc.  and show us what comfort…

  • Every Damn Day In June 2019,  Masturbation Monday

    Enchanted Forest – Every Damn Day In June – 3/30

    To be in his arms is to be in the trees. There is a freedom in His forest, a silent permission to acknowledge the animal under my skin, to listen with pricked ears for footfalls and snapping branches, to run, reckless and frightened, to fall in the soft underbrush and wait, breathless, to be found. In His forest He asks me for nothing but truth. There is an honesty to the shade and slow growth of these woods; He is the comforting setting of every childhood fairy tale, the backdrop to every worrisome bedtime story, the delight of every teddy bear’s picnic. His forest is where I go when when…

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