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Welcome! If you’re looking for super-steamy, LGBTQIA+ erotica and erotic romance stories involving queer characters, all in one place, you’re in the right spot!


A word or two on queer characters in my work

The sex blogging and smut writing community is incredibly diverse, and so should be our writing! There is a huge hetero-normative bias in erotica and that bias does not properly reflect or represent the LGBTQIA+ community, including queer, trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming readers (and writers!). I believe that this community, and all communities, are enriched when we make room for and embrace everyone. It’s important that we write characters that represent the diversity in the community. While I am no expert on queer experience, (I have had a very comfortably cisgender life) I do want to use that privilege to destroy the misconception that non-cishet characters need to have a specific narrative purpose to be represented in erotica. Queer folx exist, and they fuck and fall in love, so why aren’t they being written into more erotica? That needs to change and cis writers (myself included) need to do better.

Representation is so powerful and so important

As someone who only recently came out bisexual, I see and feel the need for a wider range of characters in the erotica and erotic romance genres. Beyond my own experience, I see and hear my queer colleagues and fellow bloggers seeking and promoting the more marginalized voices in the sex writing community because the representation is so lacking, especially from cishet sources.

Allyship and Sex Positivity is vital

Although I no longer personally identify heterosexual, I still have a hell of a lot of cishet privilege.  As I continue to develop my allyship I believe it’s not enough to say “hey you’re welcome here”, it’s essential to take stock of the language we use and take responsibility for whose work we promote. We all need to engage authentically and consistently with the voices in the crowd that are systemically silenced, and that means including queer characters and writing LGBTQIA+ erotica.

I have corralled my short fiction LGBTQIA+ erotica and pieces with queer characters here. My more personal and experiential posts on my own evolving sexuality can be found throughout my autobiographical posts.

Further reading on sex positivity, inclusion, and allyship in LGBTQIA+ erotica and blogging 

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