February Photofest 2020

Follow along as I endeavour to share an erotic photo every day in February! If you aren’t familiar with February Photofest 2020, it is an annual, month long photo prompt for erotic artists, hosted by Molly Moore. I participated last year and although I didn’t do all 28 photos, I enjoyed creating and sharing erotic images and seeing what everyone else involved was doing.

This year I have decided to have a theme for my February Photofest 2020, to help keep me on track, and avoid being overwhelmed by options. I’ve chosen “Reflection” as my theme, which works literally – reflections are so much fun to photograph – and cerebrally; so much of this blog is inner monologue and expression, that reflective posts fit in well.

Past Reflections
I’m no stranger to reflection images and self portraits and I’m looking forward to dreaming up interesting and clever ways to use reflection in my work and for all the words that will no doubt be stirred by the photographic process. Click the thumbnails to go to the original posts.






Ready, Aim … Reflect! 
I’m looking forward to this project and using the momentum from January Jumpstart to help me stay focused and create some really fun, sexy, thoughtful posts this February. I recommend you follow along with my visual journey and the other folks that link up. Of you want to learn more about February Photofest, check out Molly’s blog and her own #FebruaryPhotofest posts.

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This project will no doubt produce some hilarious outtakes and more sexy, NSFW images than needed so I’ll be sharing all the bloopers and extra-sexy images with Patreon followers that subscribe to my “Fawkes-y Fantasies” $4/month tier. I also recommend you subscribe (sign up in the right hand sidebar) so you never miss a post.

Look for the lips
You’ll know February Photofest posts because they will have the famous Molly’s Daily Kiss logo (updated to suit this project). Again, I encourage you to check out the other participants and see the brilliant images they are sharing. This sex blogging community is absolutely teeming with talent that you don’t want to miss!


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