Welcome to the Second Annual January Jumpstart! 

Join me in tackling the new year with 31 blog posts in 31 days.

Last January I endeavoured to write each day, for the 31 days in January, to set the tone for the year. I didn’t make it for all 31 days, but it definitely set me off on the right foot and helped me be more planful, prolific and disciplined. It also helped me create reasonable goals, expectations and benchmarks for my writing process and productivity. I had my most successful blogging year yet, which I owe in part to a solid start at the beginning of the year, so I am continuing the tradtion of January Jumpstart and I hope you’ll blog along with me. Want to play? Write once, or for all 31 days, join in whenever you want – you don’t have to commit but if endeavouring to write daily for a month sounds motivating, join me.


You’re welcome to grab the badge below and link up your posts as well as using the hashtag #JanuaryJumpstart. I recommend making “January Jumpstart” a category and linking to the category page so you only have to link up once and anything with that categorization will appear in the link party. Let me know if you have questions!

Links will be open from January 1 until January 31, 2020 at 23:55 GMT

The January Jumpstart Rules

  • This website is 18+ and so must you be to participate in #JanuaryJumpstart
  • Posts must be sex-positive!
  • No kink-shaming! Opinions are fine, attacks are not.
  • NSFW content is 100% acceptable, illegal activities are not (not limited to anything involving kids or minors, beastiality, non-consensual violence or use of illegal substances, etc.)
  • Use the badge code provided below. If you copy and paste the badge, please ensure that it links back to this page.
  • All content you link up must be your own (pictures and/or words) and if not, you must have express permission to use it
  • Product reviews are welcome
  • Links will be moderated at my discretion
  • Participation may be revoked at my discretion
  • Rules may change or be updated at any time at my discretion
  • Feel free to link posts that you have linked elsewhere or to other memes.
  • Support each other! You needn’t comment or share every link but make sure that you encourage and support your peers!

The #JanuaryJumpstart Badge

Please ensure that you are copying and pasting the code below when your draft post is in “text” mode (not “visual”). If you have issues with the code, please let me know. Alternatively you can right click the badge and save it. Copy and paste it in using the custom URL option to add the link to each #JanuaryJumpstart post.

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