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    Shop Review: The Glass Dildo

    This is not a single toy review – this is a brand review, of The Glass Dildo, a fabulous online shop from the UK that carries a huge selection of, you guessed it, glass dildos! They’ve also got plugs aplenty, spanking implements and a variety of light BDSM gear and lingerie. My current glass collection is exclusively from The Glass Dildo and I could not be happier with the selection and customer service. Saffron Marie runs the site and writes the blog and she’s a lovely soul and takes great care with her orders. Often, as a sex blogger, you get toys sent with no acknowledgement except a packing slip.…

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    #FebPhotoFest Day 2 – Humble Beginnings

    This picture takes me back to my early days of kink discovery; weekends in the wilderness, at the feet of a loving sadist (yes, my journey began with submission), learning what it meant to taste freedom for my body and mind in ways I’d never dreamed of. The thirst for intensity and intimacy has not been slaked these many years, it has become, in a word, unquenchable.

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    Toy Review: LoveHoney Advent Calendar

    Welcome to the most exciting toy review I have ever posted! I am SO excited to share the LoveHoney “Best Sex of Your Life” Couples’ Advent Calendar with you! As with most commercial advent calendars, this box of sensual delights delivers 24 days of items, however, unlike the waxy chocolates of your childhood advent calendars this one is meant to titilate, vibrate, arouse and excite. I’m not good at advent calendars – I lack the discipline, even with incentive, to open one little door per day so I tend to have a backlog and enjoy them in multiples. In this case I was too excited to wait so I have…

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    Queen Bee Review

    The Queen Bee is the second toy that Hot Octopuss has sent me and I continue to be impressed with them as a sex toy brand. Their products are sleek, understated (no “dildo pink” or “approachable vibrator purple” in their line) and beautifully made with awesome and innovative technology. As a brand I love and admire them, so it was sad when I finally gave up on the Queen Bee as a source of stimulation for orgasms.

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    Toy Review: Open Mouth Ball Gag

    The Open Mouth Ball Gag is my third of four product reviews for Butt Plug Experts, online purveyors of traditional beginner BDSM and DD/lg gear. If you are following along, you will have seen the Black Dog Bit Gag review as well as the review of their Silicone Handcuffs. I’m pleased to say that so far I have been really pleased with these products and the customer service from BPE has been stellar. 

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    Toy Review: Black Dog Bit Gag

    I was pleased to hear from Sophia from Butt Plug Experts – a brand I was unaware of until her friendly email arrived in my inbox. Upon scrolling through their website I was glad that their products range beyond their extensive DD/lg inventory since that’s not really my bag. They do, however, have some fun, if not lightweight/beginner restraints like the silicone handcuffs I recently reviewed and other BDSM focused gear. Sophia was kind enough to send me two gags, a glass dildo and the aforementioned silicone handcuffs. Gags are something I’m new-ish to, despite the delight I take in all sorts of FemDom bondage and restraint. The truth is, I like to hear…

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    Toy Review: Silicone Handcuffs

    Let me start this review by saying: I love a good restraint item and these silicone handcuffs are no exception. I’m a fan of rope and bondage tape, velcro cuffs and shackles, spreader bars and silk scarves. Anything that helps me restrain, slow down or incapacitate a consenting partner is a good start in my books. I’ll admit, I’m not super hardcore about it, I don’t require vice-like strength in a restraint, nor total, infallible security. In fact sometimes the sexiest restraints are simply verbal commands … but I digress. When the good folks at Butt Plug Experts connected with me about reviewing some products, I was excited to see…

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    Toy Review: Arctic Wave 9X Silicone GSpot Vibe

    I notoriously don’t read the specs on toys before I receive them. Silly, right? In part, I like the surprise, being a sextoy reviewer makes it feel like kinky Christmas all the time; it’s always delightful to receive new toys. So when the team at Pink Cherry sent me the Arctic Wave 9X Silicone GSpot Vibe I was shocked when it rocked my world because it is just so wee. I’m not a true size queen but I definitely prefer larger toys with more surface area and if they vibrate, I want more than a high frequency mechanical buzz, I want deep, rumbly, spine shaking vibrations. This toy is on the…

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    Toy Review: Atom Vibrating Cock Ring

    I name sex toys. Is that weird? All the dildos I own have names, as if they are characters in the ongoing narrative of my sex life, and I guess they are. When Hot Octopuss sent me the Atom vibrating cockring I immediately called it “Adam” because that’s what my partner misheard me say as I popped it out of the box and looked it over. We were both immediately intrigued and having read all the specs on the Atom, we were keen to give it a try. Fast forward a couple months and a backlog of toys to test, and he said to me, “Hey, don’t you have a…