Game Over

[Content Warning: “Game Over” is a work of fiction and it contains playful choking, verbal teasing, rough sex and implied, ongoing consent between an established couple.]

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Just Call Me Angel

Maybe the sun’s light will be dim, And it won’t matter anyhow. If morning’s echo says we’ve sinned, It was what I wanted now.

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Locked Box

I can hear you in the next room and I strain my ears to decipher your sounds. I hear the jingle of buckles and hardware, the creak of the lid of the trunk at the foot of the bed, the rattle of keys and the click of a lock. Private. Hidden. Secret. I don’t know […]

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Daddy’s Tea

I recently quit coffee, cold turkey. It was making me tense and jittery, and contributing too much fuel towards my anxiety. It no longer felt worth it, despite it being something I love so much. Tea has never given me the same “jolt” that coffee does, but I knew that the caffeine in black tea […]

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Just a Doll

Wicked little doll, collapsing buildings Wicked little doll, cities in flame Wicked little doll, devil or angel? Wicked little doll, they’re both the same

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Sexting: Add more fantasy to your life

Fantasy is often our earliest and most common form of escapism.  As an adult, fantasy can be a stress relief strategy or a sexual mechanism. Fantasy gives us mental and emotional space not only to ‘experience’ things we don’t have access to or the courage to try, it also makes it possible to to confront […]

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questions are a right not a privilege

Questions Are a Right

Have I mentioned I’m loving #NoTrueWay, the D/s writing prompt that Lillith posts fortnightly? The topics never fail to grab my attention and often the quotes get my blood boiling a bit. The current quote is no exception. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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Hotsy Totsy

It’s been so insufferably hot here lately. I’d love to plunge into a lake or get caught in an epic deluge of cooling rain, but for now, I’ll work at my desk in very little clothing with the fan blasting my back.

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Peter's Well Loved Books

Peter’s Well Loved Books

Peter didn’t know she liked him. No, Peter was oblivious to such things. He rarely noticed people at all, but he had noticed the young woman who frequented his book shop, Peter’s Well Loved Books, most Saturdays. He thought of her often and Saturday had become his favourite day of the week. He would have […]

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