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    Recommended Reading

    I’ll never tire of the depth and breadth of erotica that is produced by this small community, or at least the small faction I know and see. I am continuously moved and humbled…

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    Recommended Reading #8

    I read less this week than I would have liked. Honestly, that’s almost always the case but I do need to put aside more time for reading and bookmarking all the great smut…

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    Recommended Reading #7

    I have been gravely remiss in posting roundups for #SOSS but I’m trying to make it a weekly thing again and more consistently share what I read and love. I’ve had a hard…

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    Recommended Reading #6

    My top three favourite reads this week: One that plucked my heart strings raw, one that made me think and self analyze and one that took me away with its sheer smutty goodness.

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    Recommended Reading #5

    This week’s roundup has a loose theme of Strength & Beauty It’s a tough world out there and these few highlights of the almost endless supply of great smut/erotic/body-sex-kink positive writing available to us,…

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    Recommended Reading #4

    How was your week, my darlings? Was it a blur like mine? Here’s what I’ve been reading, salivating over and fantasizing to! Great work out there, keep it up!

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    Recommended Reading #3

    Happy #SOSS everyone! I rarely get around to reading all the kink and smut I want to, and this week was no exception. I did, however, love what little I did read so…

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    Recommended Reading #2

    The momentum that Share Our Shit Saturdays (#SOSS) is getting is pretty phenomenal and there’s so much to see and learn and read all while supporting a community of sex positive and kink…