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    #SOSS – Sorry, Not Sorry

    Every week I feel guilty if I don’t do a post for Share Our Shit Saturday. On weeks that I have my own shit together enough to share my love of other writer’s shit, I still feel guilty. I love the concept of #SOSS and #FF and all the celebratory shout out prompts and memes that keep many of us motivated and engaged in the community. What I don’t love, is seeing how much we judge ourselves and our contributions. Every week, someone, usually several someones, are apologising on Twitter for not doing an #SOSS post or only commenting on a handful of #SinfulSunday posts, or not getting something written…

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    Recommended Reading – #SOSS

    “What did they want from it? Lechery, smut, confirmation of their worst suspicions. But perhaps some of them wanted, despite themselves, to be seduced. Perhaps they were looking for passion; perhaps they delved into this book as into a mysterious parcel – a gift box at the bottom of which, hidden in layers of rustling tissue paper, lay something they’d always longed for but couldn’t ever grasp.”  ― Margaret Atwood   Don’t tell me what to do … not yet – Ode to Dinah “…I am aiming to find myself. I am aiming for my own independence, and self discovery. I want to know what it’s like to not have the…

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    Recommended Reading

    I’ll never tire of the depth and breadth of erotica that is produced by this small community, or at least the small faction I know and see. I am continuously moved and humbled by the artistry and sheer vulnerability that is expressed. In fact, that is the theme of the four pieces I’m highlighting here: Vulnerability – a man and the beloved women who beat him, a useful Toy, well used and put away for next time, the vulnerability of being addicted to someone, and lastly, the delicate limbo of faded ritual and the razor’s edge of self preservation. Enjoy these bits of beauty, wrenched and rendered for our pleasure.…

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    Recommended Reading #8

    I read less this week than I would have liked. Honestly, that’s almost always the case but I do need to put aside more time for reading and bookmarking all the great smut that this community churns out. The talent is extraordinary and the variety and quality never ceases to impress and amaze me. This week I want to highlight three excellent posts by three excellent writers. I hope you enjoy them! Three: Martin by KP There are innumerable things that I love about this post, but none so much as the fact that it is the third installment of a very delicious series that masterfully weaves a tale of…

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    Recommended Reading #7

    I have been gravely remiss in posting roundups for #SOSS but I’m trying to make it a weekly thing again and more consistently share what I read and love. I’ve had a hard week for a number of reasons and I have been deep in my feelings; listless, exhausted, overwrought. You’ll see that the common thread in the pieces I have highlighted is that they all have something to them that struck a chord and that I related to. When in crises I tend to reach for the familiar, for better or worse. Something in each of these pieces validated my feelings, made me feel less alone, or reminded me…

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    Recommended Reading #5

    This week’s roundup has a loose theme of Strength & Beauty It’s a tough world out there and these few highlights of the almost endless supply of great smut/erotic/body-sex-kink positive writing available to us, are all beacons of strength and beauty. I won’t speak for you but I know I could certainly do with more of both in my life. Thank you to everyone out there fighting the good fight with words and pictures for a stronger, more beautiful community of sexual revolution, feminism, and all around inclusivity. Thank you for reading, and sharing! 

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    Recommended Reading #3

    Happy #SOSS everyone! I rarely get around to reading all the kink and smut I want to, and this week was no exception. I did, however, love what little I did read so I will share them here as there is some great writing in these links!

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    Recommended Reading #2

    The momentum that Share Our Shit Saturdays (#SOSS) is getting is pretty phenomenal and there’s so much to see and learn and read all while supporting a community of sex positive and kink positive writers, photogs and makers. Here’s what I loved this week and recommend: