I’m caught in a strange place. I’m stuck somewhere between angry/sad and it doesn’t feel good. It’s Pride Month and I’m full of conflicted feelings. Is there a word for the opposite of ‘coming out’? Because I want to go back ‘in’.

Tuned In and Turned On 24/7

This week’s #BeyondFetChat prompt from Love Is A Fetish is on 24/7 and Total Power Exchange (TPE) style relationships. Our current dynamic may not be exactly the definition of TPE but it is a very nuanced and consuming dynamic, the likes of which I have never experienced before. It has me tuned in and turned…

cropped view of a woman, hand in her purple shorts, in a blue robe and pink bra - the bi pride flag colours


I had myself a little photo shoot this morning in some pink, purple and blue to represent the bi pride flag for Pride month for Lingerie Is For Everyone. It’s my first ‘out’ Pride and I’m really in my thoughts and feelings about sexuality and the journey that took me so long to realize I…

Clever Little Bitch

Anyone can be a dumb, little bimbo, drunk on my cock. I want more. I want a clever little slut bitch. Tell me, baby, who’s my clever bitch?

Vanilla Ace Ace Baby

I love the sex life my husband, Fantastic Mr. Fawkes, and I share. We have great compatibility and we have really sexy sex, despite being VERY different, sexually. How so? Well, for starters, he’s totally Vanilla with zero interest in power dynamics, and he’s asexual.  I’m a kinky pseudo-hypersexual. How does that work, you might…