“Most people would be horrified if I told them about the kind of pictures I take. When people ask what I do, I say I’m an urban nature photographer. What I don’t say is that I stalk and photograph people for money.”


Time again for another #QuoteQuest post! I haven’t had the spoons for a lot of writing in the last few weeks, but it seems that the fog has lifted and the words are flowing again. Destiny. Dracula. This is right up my alley …

Sexting: Add more fantasy to your life

Fantasy is often our earliest and most common form of escapism.  As an adult, fantasy can be a stress relief strategy or a sexual mechanism. Fantasy gives us mental and emotional space not only to ‘experience’ things we don’t have access to or the courage to try, it also makes it possible to to confront…

He Found the Key

He Found the Key

Are you up to speed on this awesome new writing prompt: #QuoteQuest, an inclusive, sex-positive prompt that runs weekly on LSB’s blog. The concept is simple: respond, through words and/or images to the quote posted weekly. This week’s quote is:

Even in darkness, there are sometimes moments of light

The sex blogging community has been a bit of a trash fire recently, what with transphobes running amok and expressing their displeasure at accountability and basic human decency. It’s been part of the perfect storm of bullshit that is 2020, but even in darkness, there are sometimes moments of light. By that I mean, that…