Pleasure 101

Welcome to Sex 101. Most ‘sexual education’ has failed us. Some of us got the bare minimum information, others got no information at all and had to find out on their own. Even those of us who received a relatively balanced and accurate crash course from educators and/or parents, still only got information about the applicable ‘parts’ and how to avoid conception. Armed with pertinent information like how to put a condom on a banana or the looming threat that for all girls, sex began with pain and later, little hope of pleasure. There was no discussion of the feelings that come with sex, or the complexities of sexual relationships; no talk of pleasure or autonomy, just rules and fear without context. Consider for a moment how different your choices and ideals on sex may have been throughout your life if sexual education had been given more airtime, been made more valid, or spoken about in a plain and constructive way.

The philosophy and purpose of this site is to inspire, entertain, titillate and teach.The whole site, including the Sex 101 section, is a sex-positive space. I have been reading, writing, talking, and working in the NSFW sphere for nearly half a decade and I have learned so much from sex-positive online communities as well as from my own experiences and relationships. My relationship with my body and points of view on sex-positivity have changed over the course of time. I have come to understand that, while we are all experts with our own bodies and experiences, sexual literacy and sexual education is not one-size-fits-all. My aim with the Sex 101 articles that I write is to create a diverse library of information and observation on sex that will educate with facts that go beyond the expected tropes of sex ed.

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