Do you need Love in D/s?

“There’s no place for love in D/s.” What a statement! I love the No True Way project because it make me think, and more often than not, gets my hackles up. Do you need love in D/s?

To Kneel or Not

The world of kink has many, many tropes, many cliches and many presumed “musts” and kneeling is definitely one of them. For many, kneeling in submission, or expecting a sub to kneel, is simply D/s 101. But there are lots of reasons to consider the question: to kneel or not to kneel because like all…

Questions Are a Right, Not a Privilege

Have I mentioned I’m loving #NoTrueWay, the D/s writing prompt that Lillith posts fortnightly? The topics never fail to grab my attention and often the quotes get my blood boiling a bit. The current quote is no exception. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The Big D

I really, really love the No True Way writing prompt. Lillith does a great job of choosing salient and relatable quotes that, without context, are easy to respond to because they illicit such a reaction, or at least they do for me! The current prompt is just begging for discussion on sexism in D/s, a…

Safewords: A Non-Negotiable for Me

Prompt #2 from No True Way is such an excellent topic but holy fuck is it jacking up my blood pressure. This will absolutely be a ranty post! Safewords and Doms that are flippant and discouraging of them are one of my absolute hot buttons in kink. And I don’t mean “hot” like sexy, I…