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    Five Minutes

    Closer now, you timid thing, no need to be so shy. I know, you’re so exposed and it’s all so new and fresh. I can hear your heart beating from here, I can smell your excitement and see it dribbling from your cock. My cock. Isn’t that right? Whose is this? I can’t hear you, Pet. Ahhhh yes. Very good. Next time I want that answer right away, got it? Good boy. I’ll give you five minutes. Five minutes to explore me and learn all you can … but by touch alone. Slip this on. There you go. Is it too tight? How does it feel to be robbed of…

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    Put Me Into Slut Space – Every Damn Day In June – 18/30

    Confession: Sometimes I need to be held against you tenderly, breathing in your woodsy scent, basking in your forehead kisses and booty rubs. Other times I need to feel you switch off my mind with your words and touch, to become nothing but the warm meat you use to get yourself off, just a dutiful slut who takes what she’s given and whimpers quiet thank yous if required. Please use me roughly, flood my mouth and cunt and ass with your come. Stretch me and soil me, slap my ass until it’s red and raw, pissing a hot arc of your ownership over it. Laugh and tease me as it…

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    Enchanted Forest – Every Damn Day In June – 3/30

    To be in his arms is to be in the trees. There is a freedom in His forest, a silent permission to acknowledge the animal under my skin, to listen with pricked ears for footfalls and snapping branches, to run, reckless and frightened, to fall in the soft underbrush and wait, breathless, to be found. In His forest He asks me for nothing but truth. There is an honesty to the shade and slow growth of these woods; He is the comforting setting of every childhood fairy tale, the backdrop to every worrisome bedtime story, the delight of every teddy bear’s picnic. His forest is where I go when when…

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    Too Shy

    I’m too shy. I want you to watch, but I’m too shy. I want to see your slow smile as my hand slips beneath the soft cotton of my panties. I want to make you lick your lips and gnaw at them. I want to make you wait. But I’m too shy. My mind’s eye is brimming with lusty tears, wet and ready to overflow at your say-so. All I need do is imagine the way you’d sink back into your seat and get comfortable, enjoying my performance, watching me touch as you watch me, caught in a loop of angst and exhibitionism. But I’m too shy. My fingers are…

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    Your Love is my shepherd, I shall not want

    Your Love is my shepherd; I shall not want It allows me to lie down in the greenest of pastures, safe beside Your still waters It restores my soul And though I walk, nightly, through The Valley of The Shadow of Dreams, I will fear no Evil for Your Love is with me Your words and your heart, they comfort me. You prepare the bed before me in the presence of my insecurities You anoint my body with oil, the cup at the apex of my thighs runneth over Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the hours of this night and I will dwell in the house of…

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    It’s 3am, I must be lonely

    It wasn’t a booty call. It might have been, except it was only a text and because we’d been messaging on and off for a few hours. He’d regaled me with the triumphs of making pizza with a friend that evening, I’d shared about my quiet Sunday. It was late and we both should have been asleep. Me: How are you doing? It’s late, aren’t you sleepy? Him: I dunno. I guess. Kind of horny. Me: Ahhh, well, don’t let me keep you … Him: But … I mean … we could … Me: I’m not much in the mood, but please, enjoy. Him: Okay 🙁 Me: Sweet dreams, talk…

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    “She imagined herself both queen and slave, dominatrix and victim. In her imagination she was making love with men of all skin colors–white, black, yellow–with homosexuals and beggars. She was anyone’s, and anyone could do anything to her. She had one, two, three orgasms, one after another. She imagined everything she had never imagined before, and she gave herself to all that was most base and most pure.” — Paulo Coelho (Veronika Decides to Die)                      

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    Manic Pixie/Dream Girl

    light as air, she’s always on top her gaze an atom bomb behind my eyelids and I feel like I’m drowning in her desire until she teaches me to swim she rides me wild and shows me dreams of the forests in her mind wings spread as she ascends turning me inside out then outside in she’s a manic pixie dream girl of the glen a toadstool go-go dancer a vision at dusk she leaves me at dawn   click here to see the magical photo that’s inspiring us this week

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    Primal Regression and Submission

    If I were to tell someone new to kink and kinky exploration just one thing, one tip, one suggestion to help them on their journey, it would be to keep an open mind. I don’t mean being open minded about new ideas and not yucking others’ yums, that is the price of admission to the kinkster community. I mean staying open minded about yourself. I recently opened up about some changes and realizations in my own kink odyssey and it has been wonderful to let go of my FemDom self that I struggled with so much. I haven’t made her disappear entirely, but she’s been put out to pasture indefinitely…

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    Silenced, the stillness in your smile pins me in place Heavy words make way for heavy eyes and the Limits of this dance expand in the quiet space we’ve carved My mouth is empty of words My mind is empty of thoughts Excepting you, accepting me Tethered to you In word, in deed, indeed You’re counting my freckles and I’m swimming up Up into your voice and the halcyon glow it casts I’m not even the moth to your flame I’m the wick Light me up and blow me out Collect me from this pink sunset Bring me down from this high Slowly Softly Hush.

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    Setting Blogging Goals and Sticking to Them

    Isn’t it interesting how basically everyone on the internet heaved a collective sigh that 2018 was coming to a close? I certainly did; it was one hell of a bumpy ride and one of the hardest years I have ever had professionally and personally. To be honest, the latter half of 2017 was no picnic either, but 2019, like most “fresh starts” has been unfurled before us, ours to make the most of. I like to get the feel for a new year before I tackle new ideas and goals – I don’t like to declare resolutions because I’m not convinced they work. I like the spirit of resolutions but…

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    Of Course

    She’s moving between my legs, dragging hot kisses down my thighs, her eyes peeking over my mound, eyebrows waggling. “Ugh, you don’t need to do this … I can’t believe you want to …” I’m cut short as her thumbs splay my cunt open and her lips latch onto my tender clitoris. I yelp and the pleasure of her mouth floods my body and I can’t stop her, I don’t want her to stop. She nibbles daintily, flat firm tongue following. I sink back into the sofa and push her hair back so I can see her angelic face, eyes closed with determination, mouth soft and pliant, moving around my vulva…