all the way down

All the way down

I knew it was a thing for him. I knew it was a want, maybe even a need, a craving. We’d shared some kinks and proclivities as we started to slowly explore each other’s secrets and inner monologues. We’d spent hours with careful touches, whispered questions and permissions, gradually gaining ground. I knew that soon […]

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Locked Boy

Content Warning: “Locked Boy” includes D/s dynamics, male chastity, long distance relationships. Please proceed with caution if these topics are challenging for you.

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“Use me.”

He kneels in front of me before the mirror as he was told, his perfect cheeks are pressed into his heels, the dimples in the small of his back are dramatically shadowed in the low light. These details make my mouth wet and I can’t decide where to look first or longest.

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A New Rule, A New Micro Kink

Ours is not the most rigidly structured of D/s relationships. While we do have  Just Us Things that provide a frame work, new “rules” don’t often come up. In the spirit of growth and development, I recently asked Him for something I wanted. It was nothing big, something I’d describe as a micro kink … […]

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Low Protocol Is Not No Protocol

When does a habit become a ritual? When does a ritual become a rule? These are the existential kink questions that I love to muse upon. Every power dynamic is different and we may have a relaxed dynamic, but low protocol is not no protocol.

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