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    Exploring New Territory

    I love exploring with new partners. I certainly enjoy touch and ongoing exploration with The Evergreens* as well, but new lovers are so much fun to play and learn with. I feel no shame in saying that variety and new experiences are part of why non-monogamy has been my life and philosophy for over twenty years. When it comes to the exploration of a new partner, whether it’s casual, or more serious, a play session or purposefully bonding lovemaking, there is no exploration I enjoy more than learning the nuances, needs and desires of a submissive man.   Underneath your clothes There’s an endless story There’s the man I chose…

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    Those Green Eyes

    Just give me those green eyes Green eyes, turned up to catch the starlight Green eyes, smiling at the moon Smiling at me with their flecks of perfect gold, freckled and heavy with lashes too heavy to flutter Perfect feathers to flirt with, darting, don’t look away, not yet Hold me in your gaze and be held by mine, be still and sink into me, say it all with just a look; Tell me how you need it What you want How you need it How you’ll weep salty tears for my touch, craven and pale in the night. No need to cry, crying only makes your green eyes blue.

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    Marking Time

    “Oh, Miss. You’re so …” He’s pulling at his bonds, wiggling his nakedness into the bed, struggling with delight. “I’m so what?” The tip of the riding crop punctuates my question as it taps against the gleaming steel cage that fails to conceal his arousal. He grins and strains, his wrists are getting red where the straps are rubbing. He tries to pull his knees up but all he’s doing is exhausting himself. He laughs and sputters. “You’re so … mean.” I laugh. Not just a giggle or a smirk, a full-on, from the belly, laugh. “Because I’m not letting you come? Owning your orgasms means owning the time between…

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    Boob Day: Baby, it’s cold outside

    The wind may be howling, the snow may be blowing, but I’m cozy and warm in bed, my mind filled with thoughts of you. Thoughts of how I’d tie you down and tease you with my mouth and hands, thoughts of how you’d squirm and wiggle beneath me, how you’d beg and moan and whimper. We could stay here all day, just you, me and the storm.    

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    I want, I want, I want

    I want to be trusted I want to be worshiped I want to be understood   I want to adore him I want to protect him I want to watch him change and grow   I want to own his body I want to hurt him I want to lick his wounds   I want to be his lighthouse in the storm I want him to reach for me in his sleep I want to be his compass   I want to whisper “Mine.” I want to hear him answer “Yours.” I want to feel him relinquish himself to me   I want to hold him I want to call…

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    The Source of Control

    Content warning: domestic violence   I was raised in an extremely confused feminist environment. My family is matriarchal on both sides, the women rule the roost. In almost all cases they are more educated and bigger earners than their male partners. Very few have stayed home to raise children, whereas we have several stay at home dads in the group. Words like “babe” and “bitch” were completely off the table, and don’t you dare compliment the way a woman in my family looks, or say that their daughter is cute or pretty if you haven’t yet commented on how smart or accomplished they are. No one changes their last name.…