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    She sighed and sank back into the pillows of her bed, smiling as he crawled towards her stopping to kneel between her feet. “Have you really never? Never?” his smile was cheeky and filled with disbelief. “Never. Not once.” she shrugged and watched his bemused face. “Wow. Well, do you want to?” “Maybe … You first.” Her eyes stayed on his as his cheeks flushed.

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    Scarred – Part 2

    You can read Part 1 here. Relocating is tough. There are so many logistical and emotional elements to consider. I was determined though, that I would fish, in what turned out to be a very small pond, of straight submissive-leaning guys on FetLife in my new area code. Firstly there’s the issue of pure numbers. In general, subby guys are few and far between, add onto that a huge percentage of online profiles being out of date or void of any information or photos. Then you have to subtract the guys who post as submissive but then later on their profiles describe themselves as switches or use the classic line:…

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    Scarred – Part 1

    A lot has changed for me in the last year. It has been a time of self discovery, identity, change, loss and growth. This time last year I was returning home from a short visit with a long distance partner. I came home with an ache in my heart and a heaviness in my mind that I couldn’t shake.

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    June: 30 days of writing

    If you’re following along from home you may have noticed that May was a slow month around here. I managed Sinful Sunday posts, a Wicked Wednesday or two, even a short Masturbation Monday post and a couple Toy Reviews but by and large, it’s been a ghost town. This morning I happened across a post by Hy at A Dissolute Life Means in which she shared that she is challenging herself to