Locked Boy

Content Warning: “Locked Boy” includes D/s dynamics, male chastity, long distance relationships. Please proceed with caution if these topics are challenging for you.

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“Use me.”

He kneels in front of me before the mirror as he was told, his perfect cheeks are pressed into his heels, the dimples in the small of his back are dramatically shadowed in the low light. These details make my mouth wet and I can’t decide where to look first or longest.

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I don’t realize how heavy my sigh is, how slumped my shoulders are. It’s been a long week and I’m grateful to not have plans on a Friday night. I’m glad to be in pajamas at 7pm with my feet tucked under his thighs, curled into the couch, idly scrolling through photos on my phone. […]

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careful what you wish for

Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for. The devil doesn’t simply arrive with cloven hooves and sharpened horns. He appears as everything you’ve ever wanted.

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A New Rule, A New Micro Kink

Ours is not the most rigidly structured of D/s relationships. While we do have  Just Us Things that provide a frame work, new “rules” don’t often come up. In the spirit of growth and development, I recently asked Him for something I wanted. It was nothing big, something I’d describe as a micro kink … […]

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How is your faith?

Content Warning: kink, D/s, orgasm denial, orgasm control, references to religion

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That time you fucked me by the river in the fog

We left our friends at the pub, excusing ourselves before the small party began to grow or relocate to another venue. After long goodbyes, (why can’t people just say goodnight when tipsy?), squaring our bill and making sure the birthday boy and his friends got another round on us, we left the crushing din of […]

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#JanuaryJumpstart Day 6: When We first began our relationship and quickly began to discuss and include D/s in the structure of our connection, He said something that made me pause. He said, “This is your true nature.” But was it really that simple?

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