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    Boob Day: Better Out Than In

    Let me just say: thank fuck Mercury is out of retrograde. No excuses but it always makes things tougher and requires more thought especially with communication. Loads of emotions lately and it’s not been the best nor most productive week but I’m trying not to hold that against myself. However, the question remains, would you hold me against you?  

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    #BoobDay – Warm and Cozy

    I really mean it when I say TGIF today. In fact, Thank FUCK It’s Friday is more appropriate. What a hard, weird, exhausting week it’s been. So much so that I dipped into the not so distant archives for this pic because I couldn’t be arsed to fuss over a new one. Plenty of racy new pics next week, I promise. Thanks for reading and sticking with me on the shitty weeks! I hope you all get some self care in this weekend ❤️ Love, Violet  

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    #BoobDay – Delicate

    What a week, the launch of a new meme, #LingerieIsForEveryone, lots of reading and writing in this great community and the abrupt and devastating end to a newish but very special relationship. I’m exhausted! I hope you’re doing well on this glorious #BoobDay. May your weekend be as bountiful and beautiful as the breasts we showcase!    

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    #BoobDay – Full Bush Enterprises

    Sometimes I dream of starting a porn production company and directing smart, fresh, ethical feminist pornography that includes a variety of bodies, genders, races, orientations and fetishes. A happy, safe, hedonistic roster of stars making sexy, fun, consensual films for a wide range of open minded viewers. Everything would be plush and sexy, lots of pink and amber lighting, with incredible old school funk soundtracks, like a refresh of the 70s golden age of porno. I’d call it Full Bush Enterprises.  

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    #BoobDay – Velvet Daydreams

    Ooops, I almost forgot it’s Boob Day! Ah, the challenges of getting back into routines, post-Holidays. I’m having a calm, quiet Friday. Lots of writing, which in this case means lots of fantasy. Being snuggled into the couch with a velvety throw blanket and the fireplace crackling makes it easy to slip into the euphoria of fantasy and desire.  

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    Boob Day: Delicate

    The tiny crinkles in the skin of my aereola fascinate me. The slightest breeze or pinch, a soft suckle or a teasing slap, will inevitably make my nipples tighten, turning the soft rosy skin around them into soft crepe paper. Those creases and folds, like wrinkled silk, represent the stirring and response that my breasts have to touch, both light and firm, self inflicted and at the hands of another.