BoobDay is a weekly meme in honour of chests and breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks. Every Friday is BoobDay! Join the party!

Every Friday is BoobDay


BoobDay was originally the brainchild of Hyacinth Jones and it was hosted on her blog for many years. Hy’s blog was the very first sex blog I ever read and one of the primary reasons I got into sex blogging. Her blog has made me laugh, cry, and think about my body and sexuality in new and more healthy ways and she is absolutely an icon of sex positivity to me. When Hy asked me if I would like to pick up the torch on BoobDay and run with it, I was overwhelmed and honestly, quite honoured. I have participated in BoobDay a lot over the years and it has been a beacon of body positivity for me when I needed it most. I am  delighted to continue the tradition where every Friday is BoobDay!

What is BoobDay?

BoobDay is a weekly meme in honour of chests and breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

If you have read this blog at all you will know that I am absolutely a crusader for more inclusive sex writing and diverse participation in the sex blogging community. I believe that lingerie is for everyone and that age, size, gender identity, race, and socioeconomics  should not be barriers to people exploring and expressing themselves in a sex and body-positive way. We all deserve the right to feel good in our skin and to have our bodies represented in a positive light, even if they don’t fit the mould that the media tries to squish us into.

This is a safe and inclusive space and everyone and anyone is welcome to participate in BoobDay.

BoobDay is about celebration and support. ‘Boob’ is a term that is intended to be gender neutral and it includes the chests and breasts of all sorts of folks. BoobDay is not limited to cisgender women. Basically, if you want to celebrate the beauty of boobs and join in with like-minded, body-positive, people who are embracing their curves or lack thereof, this is the link-up for you!

You can participate in one of two ways:

If you are a blogger:

  1. Make a blog post featuring a picture of your boobs.
  2. Add the URL for your post into the current week’s BoobDay link tool here on Love, Violet
  3. Include the BoobDay Badge (below) and ensure that it links back to this page or the current week’s post
  4. Tweet about Boobday with the #Boobday hashtag and leave a like and a comment on other Boobday participants’ blog posts when you can

If you do not have a blog:

Take your picture and add it to the link-up tool in the current week’s BoobDay post using the “enter without link” button and follow the instructions.

please note: This method is anonymous, which may be more comfortable for some people. If you want a shout out or for your picture to be attributed to you, please include your Twitter @ in the “caption” field. Your email will not be publicly visible. 

REMEMBER: the images you share must be your own. Do not add images of other people without their consent, do not post ‘on their behalf’ without consent, and if the image includes boobs that are not your own, even if yours are in the image too, you must have clear consent to share them. 

If you ever want your image removed from a current or past link up, please let me know and I will edit the photo gallery for you, no questions asked. To request removal, please email me directly at fireandhoneyblog@gmail.com or message me on Twitter

The Badge

Please add the BoobDay Badge to your BoobDay posts and Tweets/social media posts of your BoobDay image.

Copy & Paste
You can do so by right-clicking and to copy/paste or save, and then add it to your post as you would any other image. You can then re-size the image within your post. Please ensure that the image is linked to https://violetfawkes.com/boobday or to the current week’s BoobDay post.



FINE PRINT: This is an image-based link-up about boobs. Photos, paintings, sketches, embroidery, whatever visual medium you want to use is fine. Images can be of boobs/breasts/chests in any state of dress. Props and costumes are also welcome, but boobs really should be the focal point. Posts must prominently feature boobs in the image. This website is 18+ and so must you be to participate in BoobDay. NSFW content is acceptable, illegal activities are not (not limited to anything involving kids or minors, beastiality, non-consensual violence or use of illegal substances, etc.) Use the badge provided below and ensure that it links back to this page or the current BoobDay post. All content you link up must be your own, and if not, you must have express permission to use it. This is a sex, kink, and LGBTQIA+ positive space and submissions that link to blogs/sites that do not support and embrace these values will be deleted at my discretion. Links will be moderated at my discretion. Participation may be revoked at my discretion. Rules may change or be updated at any time at my discretion. Feel free to link posts that you have linked elsewhere like Sinful Sunday, Quote Quest, No True Way, For the Health of It, etc.. Support each other! You needn’t comment or share every link but make sure that you encourage and support your favourites each week! Use the hashtag #BoobDay when you share your links. Every Friday is BoobDay! The link-up post will be available on Fridays and will be open until Sunday, midnight (UTC-7 aka Mountain Standard Time)


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