Sutil Flavours – flavoured lube for people who don’t like flavoured lube

You know I love Sutil Lubes, that’s not news. I’ve blogged about their classic lube, their horny goat weed infused Body Glide, and of course, their absolutely gorgeous Love Potion massage oils. Sutil are the sole sponsors for Write Big Sexy Words and an all around great brand that I love and trust. Imagine my…

Sponsor Highlight: Sutil Lubes

I am so delighted to introduce you to the Hathor/SUTIL brand of natural lubricants, as well as the awesome people behind the brand. What better way to do so than to literally introduce you and have them share with all of us some of the key concepts behind their awesome boutique line of pleasure products.

Love Potions by Sutil

This is my third review for Hathor/SUTIL and my love for this brand only grows with each new and luxurious product.  These Love Potions by Sutil are positively intoxicating and multipurpose – I bet you’d like to know what I go up to with them …

Lubricant Pure by Hathor/SUTIL

There are lots of reasons to love Lubricant Pure by Hathor/SUTIL and I want to tell you all about them because I want you to have this quality lube in your life! How much do I love this lube? Let me count the ways …

Review: Sutil Botanical Body Glides

Lube truly is the unsung hero of sex play, isn’t it? What product works harder, is more essential, and with its mere absence can so completely kill the mood? Lube is awesome. Lube is where it’s at. Still think that any old goo will do! Not so! Sutil Botanical Body Glide to the rescue! 

Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Wand Kit

In the immortal words of Al Pacino in Scarface (1983): “Say hello to my little friend!”, and by friend I mean the Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Wand Kit! Unlike Tony Montana, I’m not referring to an M16 assault rifle, I’m referring to the best little vibrating wand I own. I have waxed poetic in…

The Basics of Anal Training (and Why You Should Give It a Try)

The term “anal training” might sound a bit intense or draconian, but it’s actually a really common sexual practice. Some folks train themselves to make anal stimulation and penetration easier and more comfortable, others train a partner as part of a kink dynamic.

The Subtle Art of Giving a Great Blowjob

Oral, fellatio, nob-gobbling, a BJ, giving head, whatever you call it, blowjobs are a popular sex act almost the world over. For some it’s strictly taboo and for others it’s a casual thing, but however you slice it, if you want to give great head, you must embrace the subtle art of giving a great…

Who doesn’t love FREE LUBE?

Hey Folks – here’s your chance to win some free lube, but not just any free lube: the entire Flavours collection from SUTIL Lubes! It couldn’t be easier: just follow @fireandhoney and @hathorsutil on Twitter and enter your info below. Winners will be announced November 1st.

#WriteBigSexyWords – October Edition

Welcome to #WriteBigSexyWords – October Edition! October is my favourite month, by far. I love the crispness in the air, pumpkins on front porches, and how the natural world (on this part of the planet) begins to fold itself down into winter sleep. There is something inherently sensual about autumn and I find that both…

A red Barabarian dildo from John Thomas Toys lays on a duvet covered in an all over floral pattern of red and pink roses. Delicate, feminine floral vs 12" of silicone shaped like and alien dragon penis.

Meet the Barbarian

It’s a joy to introduce you to this exceptional toy: Meet the Barbarian! Sent to me by John Thomas Toys, the Barbarian is by far the biggest toy I have ever used! Let me tell you all about how this 3 lb chunk of silicone has been blowing my mind …

Did Someone Say Sextember?

Did someone say sextember? That’s right, this month is going to be even more full of sex-ed and sexual health info, sexy fiction and personal opinions and thoughts on all things sex.

#Write Big Sexy Words – September Edition

#Write Big Sexy Words – September Edition

September always feels like “back to school” even though I have been out of the classroom for many a moon. This is a strange year for those back to school vibes, considering the state of the world, so for the #Write Big Sexy Words – September Edition we are going with an academic theme; think…

Write Big Sexy Words – August Edition

Welcome back to Write Big Sexy Words – August Edition! We are on the back half of Summer 2020 already! How did that happen? Many of us are roasting in our own juices with record heat waves and political unrest. I don’t know about you, but I welcome any and all distractions these days. So…

Write Big Sexy Words

What are you writing this month? Join in and use these 9 words in your sexy, sordid stories.

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Product Reviews

You are cordially invited to browse through my personal collection of pleasure products. See for yourself which ones got me off and which ones pissed me off.