Bubbles | Review

Bubbles | Review

Bubbles | Review

Bubbles, by Luna Matatas

Bubbles is the brainchild of Luna Matatas, acclaimed Sex and Pleasure Educator and pegging aficionado. Luna created the Peg the PatriarchyMeditate Medicate Masturbate and Fuck Like a Goddess brands and she hosts The Plug Podcast, a podcast dedicated safe and sexy anal sex. I’ve looked up to Luna and been inspired by her work for years so when Freely Toys invited me to design a dildo with them, and they casually mentioned that Luna was about to launch hers, my jaw nearly hit the floor. Folks, I have never felt more like I’d arrived, than when I heard that – talk about being in great company! Luna is lovely and does incredible work. I urge you to check out her website, and all the other platforms you can find her on. She is such a bright light, and such a clear voice, in the sex+ community. It is an honour and delight to share her perfect pegging dildo, Bubbles, with you.

Copyright 2023, Luna Matatas. Used with permission.

Bubbles: Up Close & Personal

Usually, dildos that are marketed for pegging are overly simplified and boring. They’re either completely smooth, slim and not that interesting or they’re massive tentacles or dragon tails, intended for experienced anal champions. In my opinion, the best pegging dildos are not completely plain, but also not intimidatingly complex. Bubbles’ shape is challenging enough to be satisfying without being too intense, and as a fellow dildo designer I can say that striking the balance is harder to do than you’d think. Bubbles is a perfect example of what achieving that balance looks and feels like. For the uninitiated, the first few inches of smooth, uniform shaft may be enough. If a bit more adventure is in the cards, the first knot, or ‘bubble’, provides pressure and a delightful “pop!” when it goes in or out. When Bubbles is taken to the hilt, with both girthy bulges fully enveloped, it provides a number of incredible sensations. 

A Bath-time Champion

There’s so much to love about Bubbles, including the fact that it’s completely submersible for shower and bath-time fun. Whether vaginal or anal, don’t forget the lube! Remember: silicone lube and silicone toys don’t play nicely together and a water-based lube will instantly wash away under water. Choose a lube that is oil-based, and thicker in texture (not sponsored, I just think they’re good: check out Boy Butter)

Stupendous In A Strap On

Its unique shape isn’t the only reason Bubbles is such a successful anal toy, it also has perfect proportions. The tip is tapered just enough to make entry comfortable, but it immediately provides sensation and the ‘fullness’ that can be so pleasing. That manageable diameter makes up nearly half the length, and is plenty long enough to nudge the A Spot or the prostate. Next are the ‘bubbles’, and both have just a little bit of space beyond them, just enough to let your sphincter clamp down around the bubble. These little gaps make for a comfortable, confident fit. As expected, the base is nice and wide to keep it in place while in a strap on harness, and that also makes it safe for hand-held anal play. And if that’s not enough, it’s also quite pleasurable vaginally. The nose end is pleasantly blunt at the cervix and the bubble(s) provide pressure and stimulation along the lips.

Copyright 2023, Luna Matatas. Used with permission.

Bubbles is a Winner!

From moment one I could tell that Bubbles would earn the Fawkes’ Faves Seal of Recommendation. This is a toy that has been thoughtfully designed and considered, is well made, and will last you a lifetime of joyous pegging. If you’ve been debating getting into pegging or looking for a quality toy to start exploring anal play with, you can’t do better than Bubbles.

Bubbles was furnished by Luna Matatas in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that earn me a small commission based on your purchases, at no cost to you.

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