Sevanda Ergo Chastity Cage | Review

Sevanda Ergo Chastity Cage | Review

Sevanda Ergo Chastity Cage | Review

A note on this review of the Sevanda Ergo: This was a team effort, with much of the work falling to my adorable Stunt Cock, Bear. The main body of the review is in the usual format with editorial comments from both of us, colour-coded as such:

Bear’s Comments (The Wearer)

Violet’s Comments (The Keyholder)

Chastity can be an elusive goal. The idea is simple and powerful: to put the penis beyond use, and to keep it there, ideally for an extended period of time. The realisation of that idea can be a challenge. The genesis for this review was finding a cage that could live up to the promise of what chastity is supposed to be: one that could reliably keep the genitals locked away for an extended period, with all the squirminess that inspires.

The Sevanda Ergo

After a careful perusal of the options available from Lock the Cock, we landed on the Sevanda Ergo. The name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it promises comfort and fit. The Ergo comes in what largely resembles a gift-wrapped box. The Sevanda name is prominent, along with a front-and-centre bow.

The keys read “BDSM” and come on the world’s most adorable cat shaped carabiner.

Opening up the box reveals a flexible chastity kit. Apart from the cage, there are three rings. Ring dimensions are 40mm, 45mmm and 50mm, which should be enough variety to fit almost anyone.

What I didn’t quite twig to when we selected the Ergo is that those rings are hinged. That can be a challenge, in that there is the potential for friction and the possibility of breakage. Sevanda have endeavoured to proactively respond to this by including silicone sleeves to slide over the hinge, although the risk here is that the friction point simply moves away from the location of the hinge to the edges of the sleeve.

Putting It On

There is a ritual to how most chastity cages are applied. Pass the balls through the ring, and then the penis. Apply the cage over top of the penis. Affix the cage to the ring. The Sevanda Ergo doesn’t quite work that way.

The most effective installation approach that I was able to find was to insert the penis in the cage first. That may be particular to me, in that I’m uncircumcised, but I found that putting on the cage means that the penis is centred and well-placed when the rest of the device gets fixed in place. 

With the cage ready and at attention, the ring gets wrapped around the balls. There is a need to makes sure the skin and hair doesn’t get caught where the ends of the base ring meet. Once successful, ring and cage can mate together to securely lock the penis in place. Uniquely, the lock gets inserted in the top of the cage. This is actually a great option that works well and makes insertion of the lock easier than on any other cage I have tried.

Feeling It Out

While I am a very large bear, in wearing chastity I am a very average bear. A 45mm ring has been my default for pretty much every device I have tried. 

The Sevanda Ergo is a bit different. My immediate first choice was unsurprisingly the 45mm option. Within three hours, however, the underside of my balls were on fire with pain. Those who have tried chastity will be familiar with this sensation, and it’s not uncommon, and not a specific fault of the device. The normal cause is a too-tight ring. Plastic also can cause this more than metal, and in all instances some long-lasting lubrication is a good idea. 

I had already lubricated fairly generously under the base of the  ring, so I am relatively confident it wasn’t that. What I suspect is that it is a combination of the top of the cage extending under the ring, plus the chafing from the friction point of the hinge. The default recommendation is always to try a larger size ring. I moved up to the 50mm ring, and the problem was solved. I was able to quite comfortably wear it for several days running.

Living With It

The test of a chastity cage is always what it is like to live with, and there is a lot to like with this cage. It is light, and extremely well ventilated. Through the day, it is hard to actually tell it is on in normal wear. It becomes a part of your anatomy fairly quickly.

I do love the locking mechanism, and don’t know why others don’t opt for something similar.

Aesthetically the top lock is nice, but I’m mostly a fan of any integrated lock (vs a dangling padlock)

Overall, the cage itself is pretty discrete, and hides well under jeans and loose pants. Having the lock on top of the cage produces a slight bump, but it is more present than it is intrusive.

Peeing is readily accomplished. Unsurprisingly, you will need to sit down. If there are occasions where your penis isn’t extending all the way to the bottom of the cage, some spray is also somewhat inevitable. The ventilation is very good and it’s easy to stay clean while wearing it.

It’s the sort of thing that in more intimate circumstances an amorous domme might enjoy rubbing against as she watches her locked sub squirm helplessly beneath her.

Note to Self: write article for Dommes re: getting off with a sub in chastity.

Exploring Your Options

The cage itself is a bit larger than some which means the wearer will feel constrained in day-to-day circumstances. It also means that when aroused, there is a bit more room to grow before the cage whips out its ever-present stop sign and halts the proceedings.

There is a lot to like in that. The point of chastity isn’t that you don’t feel anything and erections don’t happen. Quite the opposite. The point of chastity is that you feel the incredible sensation of wanting to be hard, you feel the intense pressure of trying and failing, and you endure the enormous frustration of not being able to do anything about it. That squirm and desperation is the drug that makes chastity special and addictive. If anyone tells you that the wearer gets nothing out of being in chastity, they are lying. 

Writhing in ecstatic horniness in the Sevanda Ergo is a very pleasant experience in thwarted arousal. The penis has room to try to grow, but will ultimately fail in the endeavour. While the cage is light, it is still extremely secure. It is a delightful combination of pleasantly comfortable and intensely frustrating. It is just what a throbbing, horny chastity sub should want.

As wearing extended from a day or two into several, and ultimately a full week, I came to really appreciate the Sevanda Ergo for its simplicity. It is light, it is comfortable, it is unobtrusive and it is confining. 

What Would Make It Perfect

If you are looking for a device to spice up your play with a bit of chastity and denial, the Sevanda Ergo is a great option. It is light, it is secure and it is cost effective. For a spicy long weekend or a a frustrating week at work being made more deliciously frustrating, this could very well be your optimal cage. 

However, Sevanda Ergo is not a cage we’d for extended long-term wear. Bear wore it for a full week, and overall the experience was comfortable but not perfect. There were occasional periods of discomfort from the hinge or catching a pube where the ring ends clamp together that robbed it of being the perfect cage. In a perfect world, the ring would be solid and made of metal rather than plastic for more comfortable long-term wear.

It’s a Fawkes’ Fave!

The Sevanda Ergo delivered on its promises and was a reliable and comfortable short term cage. While we cannot recommend it for extended wear (more than a couple weeks), it may work better/differently with your body.

As always, do your research, listen to your body, and play safe. For a quick guide to all things chastity, read Male Chastity: Everything You Need To Know.

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The Sevanda Ergo was furnished by Lock the Cock in exchange for an honest review. This post does not contain affiliate links.

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