January Jumpstart 2023

Welcome to the fourth annual January Jumpstart 2023, the write-every-day community project for erotica, romance and sex writers.

Check out the January Jumpstart landing page here for details.

There is a terrific amount of energy put towards resolutions for the new calendar year. Every year we try, and rarely do we achieve these resolutions. There’s no secret as to why, we simply run out of momentum or they get lost and forgotten as January marches on. By February it doesn’t even feel like a new year so much as regular life, and that in itself is demotivating. Suddenly it’s June and we’re looking back at the first half of the year kicking ourselves for what we’ve missed and lost track of.

When January Jumpstart first started, the objective was to write/blog every day: no prompts, no boundaries, just write. The thinking was that if you could blog for 31 consecutive days, you’d set a brisk pace for yourself for the year and hopefully have a really productive twelve months. As the project owner, you’d think I’d have kept up and set a good example for the bloggers who joined in. Well, I didn’t. I realised very quickly that writing everyday is so much harder and requires so much more discipline than you’d think. Here we are at January Jumpstart 2023 and the rules and expectations have changed and evolved. This year, I made 31 days worth of prompts in case your creativity needs a little boost (because I know mine certainly will!).

Your January Jumpstart journey is your own. You can use the (sometimes silly) prompts provided – see the slide show below – or you can take a completely different approach. How much you write, and how often, is up to you. Drop in later in the month, or join in at any time. You can link up your work here (as of January 1st) to be a part of the gallery of participants, or you can go at your own pace, privately writing and not sharing. Do what’s comfortable for you.

No matter how you participate, please read the work of others who have joined in and like, share, and comment. We all appreciate and need encouragement, and it’s easier to stay motivated if you’re reading along and seeing how others interpret the project.

So, Writers: start your lap tops, challenge yourself to a creative and productive January, and get a jumpstart on the rest of the year. If you have questions or need any help at all, find me on Twitter @FawkesViolet or email me directly fireandhoneyblog@gmail.com

Happy writing and Happy New Year!

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.