The Original Snapper from Terrible Toyshop

The Original Snapper from Terrible Toyshop

The Original Snapper from Terrible Toyshop

With virtually no effort, this impact play toy leaves angry, red, stingy lines wherever it strikes. Express yourself with beautiful red line drawings on your favourite (consenting) victim.”

What could be better than a well-made impact toy that comes with a side-serving of self-knowledge? This mean, mean, mean device has challenged my understanding of pain and how and why I enjoy it. Not only did I learn a thing or two about the fear/pain/pleasure trifecta, but I also found a whole new world of stingy, snappy sensations with The Original Snapper.

When I Say I Was Terrified

Anyone with a penchant for pain will tell you that there is Good Pain and Bad Pain. Which actions and activities make up each category is completely subjective but in the masochistic mind, they are usually, though not always, clearly delineated. For me, the snap of a rubber band has always been decidedly in the Bad Pain camp. I cringe at the thought of that vicious snapping sound and the memories of having elastics shot at me by my brothers; the instant terror and trepidation as they’d wrap the band around their fists to release it at will, like a crude rubber band gun, but with chilling accuracy. The zing of anticipation and the stinging bite as it cracked against the skin was enough to send me off crying and welted.

Little did I know: decades later ‘crying and welted’ would be a goal, I’d own multiple devices designed expressly to snap and sting, and the sharp bite of a rubber band would become an addictive kink.

Not My Usual Kind Of Pain

When it comes to receiving impact play, I am usually a fan of heavy, thuddy, hitty things. With the exception of a well-wielded cane, the sharp, stinging pain of a rubber band’s snap is not usually very tempting. Therefore, flashbacks to schoolyard warfare aside, when I first learned of The Original Snapper, it set my teeth on edge.

I have been working my way through the Terrible Toyshop catalogue of original 3D printed toys and devices. However, I have procrastinated and review of The Original Snapper. This is in part because of the aforementioned distaste for rubber band snaps, but also because completing the review for The Original Snapper also means I will have to review The Snapper 2.0. If you are unfamiliar, The Snapper 2.0 is a semi-automatic, rapid fire revolver that launches the elastics one at a time with the pull of a trigger. *gulp* Even though The Original Snapper has won me over, I’m still nervous about the 2.0 experience!

What I found with The Original Snapper: there’s a wide spectrum of sensations to be had with this toy, including ones I didn’t think I liked.

The Original Snapper In Action

I have tried this contraption, which I lovingly nicknamed The Devil’s Tennis Racket, both alone and with a partner. I found it much harder to use solo because of the anticipation – it was hard to ‘make’ myself pull the elastic, knowing how much it would hurt.

But with a partner, when I was unable to see or know where and when the next snap would happen, it became a deliciously tense experience. I was also very surprised at how nuanced, and downright gentle, the snaps could be. Of course, the placement of the snaps will correlate directly to the level of pain, so go slow when you’re learning about the intensity.

As for marks, The Original Snapper makes short work of some very crisp and distinct lines. If snapped hard enough, welting and bruising is very possible, especially if you add a bead to your rubber band to concentrate the impact.


The Original Snapper comes with a starter pack of 18 rubber bands. (latex free is available!)

  • The outer face of the oval frame is 3½” (88mm) wide and 5½” (138mm) long.
  • The full length of the assembled unit is 11¾” (298mm). 
  • The Original Snapper works best with size #32 (3″ x ⅛) or size #33 (3½” x ⅛) rubber bands.

Earned: The Fawkes’ Faves Seal

I did not expect to enjoy The Original Snapper. But just like all the Terrible Toyshop products I have worked with, it was genius in its simplicity. Not only does it offer a more broad range of sensations than you may expect, it is light weight, well-crafted, and incredibly easy to use.

In order to be bestowed with the Fawkes’ Faves Seal and be endorsed by yours truly, a product must

  • do what it is intended and expected to do
  • be body safe
  • be well made
  • give me or my willing test subjects/partners significant pleasure

So How Did The Original Snapper Do?

The Original Snapper easily won the Fawkes’ Faves seal. It delivered in every way and it felt great while doing it. If you or a partner are into fun pain, The Original Snapper is the perfect toy because you’re fully in control of the intensity at all times. I’d definitely recommend The Original Snapper for any pain enthusiast, new or well-versed.

As is likely obvious: I really love Terrible Toyshop’s product line. The devices are ingenious and wickedly cruel. They are well made, and the full collection has toys for all your parts. Pop over to their website and see what I mean!

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