Big Sexy Words for August

This Month’s Big Sexy Words

This month’s Big Sexy Words are slightly more common/less challenging than some months. I have done this in hopes that more people will be inspired to get more invested in their erotic language skills and join in! There’s no particular theme, either, so don’t feel pigeon-holed at all, use them how and where you like – and then link up your Big Sexy Words post and share! Enjoy!


insatiable – having appetites and desires which are impossible to satisfy 
sapid – having a strong, pleasant taste
dank – disagreeably damp


pillories – wooden framework that confines the head and hands
smotherbox – also known as a Queening chair, BDSM furniture designed to seat the recipient of cunnilingus above the head of the giver.
codpiece – a conspicuous pouch attached to men’s breeches in 15th/16th C European fashion that covered and accentuated the genitals.


trickle – to flow in a small stream
grind – to rub together rigorously
defile – to sully, mar, or spoil, especially something delicate or beautiful


#WriteBigSexyWords -June 2022

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