I drank some dirty water
Shook evil hands
I’ve done some bad things
And they get easier to do

Thinking about how I love the word ‘slut’. I always have. It’s not an insult to me, no matter how viciously it’s hurled, and no matter who says it. It’s empowering, it turns me on, I even love how it rolls off the tongue. Ssssstretch out the S, luxuriate in the roundness of the L, a begging exhalations gives you the U, and the T, is a crisp tap of tongue to teeth. It is a plump, dewy little word, it snaps and gushes like a cold grape betwixt your teeth. It holds a certain tension, tightly coiled, so it can be spat when said with venom. It’s a perfect word.

I had a good friend
I could only destroy
And lovers I loved less
Than anybody could afford

Lyrics are from Rockinghorse by The Dead Weather. Listen here.

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