She sighed and sank back into the pillows of her bed, smiling as he crawled towards her stopping to kneel between her feet.

“Have you really never? Never?” his smile was cheeky and filled with disbelief.

“Never. Not once.” she shrugged and watched his bemused face.

“Wow. Well, do you want to?”

“Maybe … You first.” Her eyes stayed on his as his cheeks flushed.

He shyly obliged, peeling off his shirt and unbuckling his belt. He looked up through the hair that fell across his face and smiled. Her eyes hadn’t left him and he could feel the intensity of her curiosity and desire as he unbuttoned his fly and slid his jeans down his thighs.

“Right here? Like this?” His voice was a husky whisper, both intensely shy and eager to show her anything she wanted to see.

“Yes, just like that. Take it out.”

She bit her lip and squirmed, watching him slowly expose himself. They knew each other’s bodies well, but they had never shown them in this way, not yet. His hand slipped into his shorts, the bulge of his cock already evident against his thigh. He pulled it out, tugging his shorts to just below his hips and held it tentatively until her silent nod started his hand sliding down his hard length. Of course he did this alone all the time, he had even done it in front of other women before, once on camera with a guy he’d met in Costa Rica. He loved being watched, loved how her fingers lingered at her lips as she watched him, how her hips lifted when he squeezed his shaft and his head got bulbous and dark. He stroked harder and faster to the sounds of her candid exhalations, a tiny moan escaping her throat when he suddenly stopped and locked eyes with her.

“Why haven’t you ever touched yourself for someone?” His question was gentle and teasing as he began to slowly pump the heavy cock in his palm.

“I dunno … I’m just …. shy about it.”

“Even with me?”

They stared at each other for a long moment before she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and wiggled out of them. Immediately he groaned at the pink flash of her swollen sex, his cock throbbing knowing that she was so primed from watching him. Silently, her knees fell apart as she watched his cock drip a long silvery chain of eager wetness from its reddened tip. Her hands slid between her legs, one parting the damp folds of her pussy, the fingers of her other hand dipping elegantly into it, drawing out the lush wetness and smearing it up over her clit.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing this. You’re so hot. This is …ohhhhh.”

His moans deepened as she slid the prong of two fingers astride her clit and pulled it up fiercely, smoothing it down again slowly, over and over. Her lip was pinioned between her teeth as she stroked and rubbed, hips splayed, understanding at last why people did this together. She watched the look on his face, the utter shock and delight, as he looked at her, drinking her in as his fist pumped around his swollen cock.

“I’m …. oh …. are you close?”

“Yes, just don’t stop. I will if you do. I need to hear you. Cum on my cunt!”

Feeling the ecstasy of the home-stretch, he began to beat his fattened cock with all his might. Her moans and gasps spurned his on and as her voice lifted, desperate and shrill, back arched, he felt the maddening rush and watched as thick spurts of cum rained down on her glistening cunt. She warbled and writhed under the milky spray of his orgasm and never once did she look away from his eyes. Intense, defiant almost, she wrenched her orgasm from her body and didn’t stop until she was breathless.

He fell forward and she reached for him, his mouth slathering over their co-mingling juices, lapping softly at her, licking up every droplet of their shared orgasm, suckling her plump lips until she yelped and laughed and pulled him up on top of her.

“Well. That was a first.” He grinned into her neck as he kissed her shoulder.

“A first. Yes. And it won’t be the last.”

With that, she heaved a contented sigh, lay her head back and finally closed her eyes.


Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.