Nipple Traps from Terrible Toyshop

Nipple Traps from Terrible Toyshop

Nipple Traps from Terrible Toyshop

“Terrible Toyshop’s Nipple Traps are serious BDSM trapping tools. The Nipple Traps mimic the look of a bear trap, right down to the jagged interlocking teeth and integrated hinge. Additionally, the single-knob design makes it easy to adjust the pressure. Although the Nipple Traps  may be cute, They deliver an incredible amount of force.”

I didn’t think it would ever happen, but these cute little chompers have usurped my favourite nipple vices. When I reviewed the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps, they took top spot because they worked on the same “vice” principle as my old standby pair,  where the nipple is crushed between two flat bars. They were similar but better.  But these cute little Nipple Traps … they are nipple torture perfection!

“Perfect for predicament bondage, the Nipple Traps just beg to be tied off with a loop of twine. Use and abuse its two rows of interlocking teeth, which provide a secure grip and resist slipping. Mark my words: one day you’ll find yourself staring at them, wondering how you ever lived without a pair of Nipple Traps in your life.”

Cute but vicious

Every time I look at the Nipple Traps, I can’t help but see the classic “chattering teeth” wind-up toy of my childhood. These small but mighty jaws work incredibly well because of their simplicity. They are hinged and the degree of open/closed/tightness is determined by a very finely threaded bolt with an easy to turn knob. These mean little “mouths” are filled with the tiniest, sweetest little teeth, but holy hell do they bite! As I have mentioned in my other Terrible Toyshop reviews, the fine threading that TT uses for their devices means that they can be adjusted so minutely … but that tiny, 1/8 of a turn can be the difference between moans of pleasure and howls of delicious pain. 

These Nipple Traps crush, pinch, and grip the nipples, or wherever else you put them. The jagged, hard plastic teeth make them quite merciless, and because they open up quite widely, they can bite a decent wad of flesh. They are cute as can be but also mean as hell; basically they’re perfect.  

You have options

My personal pair of Nipple Traps are the XL size. I have not held the ‘standard size’ in my hands but I can see how both sizes have their virtues. The standard size are much smaller (i.e.: less intimidating) but the XL would undoubtedly be less fiddly, especially in bigger hands. They also come in a whole bunch of colours and colour combinations. I, of course, opted for basic black, but the candy colours that Terrible Toyshop offers are perfect if you like a bit more whimsy with your sadomasochism. 

Standard size: The oval jaws are 1⅛” (27mm) long from the hinge to the teeth and 1¼” (30mm) wide at the hinge. Fully extended, the jaws open to ½” (12mm).

XL size: The oval jaws are 2″ (50mm) long from the hinge to the teeth and 2⅛” (54mm) wide at the hinge. Fully extended, the jaws open to 1⅛” (29mm).

Fawkes’ Faves Seal of Approval

The XL Nipple Traps  from Terrible Toyshop meet and exceed the Fawkes’ Faves standard. Well made, perfect in their simplicity, they work better than expected! and it’s affordable at $36 CDN per XL pair (at the time of this review).

I have happily reviewed  this pair of XL Nipple Traps from Terrible Toyshop, which they sent me free of charge,  in exchange for an honest review. This post does not contain affiliate links.


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