One Hundred Days of Chastity

There are 100 days left in 2021 and my sweet Cyprus will spend them all locked as we embark on his longest chastity stint yet! If you’re just getting caught up now, check out this post on chastity goal setting and Cyrus’ locked journey. 


Content Warning: affectionate use of the term ‘slave’ in a D/s context

The cum-storm before the calm

Yesterday, I let him come, after a quick stretch of 27 days locked so he could start his 100 day goal. He was very keen and the video he sent of it was spectacular. Previously, he managed 45 days and 75 days, so 27 days is something he could do standing on his head. We talked extensively about one hundred days and if it felt manageable to him and he is really keen to finish out the year entirely locked. I realised that the one year anniversary of our togetherness falls on December 1, and he will be securely under lock and key. When I asked him how he felt about that, his answer was exactly what I’d have expected: “I think it’s very symbolic of us. I am your locked slave, only unlocked at your whim and desire.”

Provided that these last 100 days of 2021 go smoothly, he’ll get one last New Year’s Eve orgasm and be locked up again on January 1. With no unlock date on the horizon! That’s right, unless something major takes us off course, we will be moving to an extended/indefinite/permanent chastity model.  It’s worth stating that ‘permanent’ is actually a fluid term and safety, hygiene, and health override the desire to stay locked no matter what. There are situations in which he’s unlocked that are perfectly acceptable and do not require special permission. I can hear D-types getting twitchy at the idea of letting a locked sub make their own decisions, (gasp!), but because we are striving for a dynamic that is distinctly not based on cock, when he’s locked up, it’s literally out of sight, out of mind. January will be the beginning of a new way of being, a state he has been dreaming of since before we met, before he was kept. It’s lovely to be the force that helps him make his goal come true. 

RESOURCE: Long-time, long-term caged blogger, Thumper, has written extensively about the nature of permanence in chastity, so if you’re interested in learning more about it, do check out his blog.

It’s not for everyone but it is for us

Chastity is a divisive topic, and it’s really not for everyone, but for those of us who are into it, it’s fascinating and fun. The emotional, mental and physical control is so impressive to me, and it’s such a strong message of devotion and adoration. It has positive trickle-down effects as well: he’s better focused, more confident and more proactive. Even the guys he works with have noticed a change in him, though they don’t know the source of his improved discipline. He said it best just the other day: “While yes, being locked has a sexual component to it, your encouragement has helped me achieve goals that I never would have thought possible. I take that and channel it into every part of my life.” I might have shed a happy tear or two when he said that, because fuck, I’m nothing if not a soft Domme! 

Proud of my pretty Thing

I’m proud of him. I’m proud of what we have accomplished together and I’m proud that him being locked is just one small facet of our connection. For us, chastity exists just under the surface, quietly consistent. It’s a constant reminder to him of our dynamic, a feature that he finds comforting and inspiring – two things that I always want to be for/to him.

So, if you see him on Twitter, give him a high five for being such a good little slutty slave boy and making his Goddess so happy and wish him luck on this epic undertaking! 





Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.