The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop

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The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop

“The Bad Princess Labia Clamp is a beautiful tiara-inspired BDSM labia clamp. At Terrible Toyshop, we think littles (especially princesses) should get a special treatment.”

This is the 4th product I’ve tried from Terrible Toyshop and my adoration for this brand continues! 


The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop

Next up: The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop. 

The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop is a hell of a device! Like every other piece from Terrible Toyshop, it is deceptively simple and surprisingly cruel, engineered to perfection. 

My first impression was that it was really pretty. I love the simplified filigree of the Bad Princess line and the way that the design nods to a sceptre or a crown. Perfectly befitting a princess or other royalty.  

I’m glad that I had the previous experience from reviewing The Pussy Trap because the Bad Princess Labia Clamp works similarly and knowledge and technique certainly helped. Don’t get me wrong, all of these devices have been easy to use but get easier with practice. Excitement, arousal, lube, all these things can make one a bit clumsy when it comes to screwing down the lip-crushing frame.

“Despite its more complicated aesthetics, the Bad Princess Labia Clamp is our most ergonomic and easy-to-use labia clamp. First, place the base of the clamp between the outer labia with the tip of the main V shape positioned over the clitoris. Next, feed the outer labia between the base and the top of the V-shaped clamp. Finally, hold the labia in place with one hand on the top of the clamp and use the other hand to tighten the knobs.”

Much like The Pussy Trap, The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop was fiddly to use alone. This is in part because I am neither fit, nor flexible, but also this is designed to be used with a partner, as it is aimed at DD/lg type couples, though anyone, solo or paired, can use it. 

The Royal Treatment

So, it’s not surprising to me, or anyone who has read my last Terrible Toyshop reviews: I’m in love with this labia clamp! When I wrote about The Pussy Trap I said:

“I have to admit, I was nervous about this one because I have a love/hate relationship with my kitty-miaow-miaow. I have never felt like my vulva was attractive. I’ve had a number of grooming regiments over the years, from consistently smooth to the current, au naturale. No matter the style, I just don’t like the look of it. This is an ongoing conflict because I absolutely love having it looked at by others. That in itself is a whole Pandora’s Box of kinks and proclivities rooted more in humiliation than pride.”

And I feel the same way about The Bad Princess Labia Clamp. It pushes my boundaries, or rather, the edges of my boundaries, in a good way. Because it is so pretty and femininely styled, it really feels like you’re dressing up your vulva. It is incredibly exposing and has the potential for very potent and punishing pain! 

Trap vs. Clamp

Having used both, it’s hard not to speak of The Pussy Trap and The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop as a comparison. Although they operate on the same principle: two hoops crush together on threaded bolts, sandwiching the labia and holding the vulva open and revealing the inner lips, clit and vaginal opening, the Pussy Trap and The Bad Princess Labia Clamp are not the same.   

The most striking difference is that The Pussy Trap has what feels like a million tiny, biting teeth that catch and hold the labia when the screws are tightened. The Bad Princess Labia Clamp has a smooth inner surface on both sides, so although it pinches VERY effectively and pinions the labia in place, the pressure feels more even and less pointy. Don’t get me wrong, they both do what they are made to do, and very well, but if you want a more severe, sharper “bite” The Pussy Trap will deliver. If you want something equally as cruel but with a less specifically sharp sensation, go for The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop. 

So pretty it hurts

There’s a common phenomenon among lingerie-wearers, where you get a bit of a skip in your step when you match your bra and panties. It’s one of those aesthetic decisions that doesn’t matter but will also make you feel a bit sexier, a bit more put together, just more ready for the day. I felt much the same way matching The Bad Princess Labia Clamp with The Bad Princess Nipple Clamps. The lines and design id just so unique and The Bad Princess Labia Clamp frames the vulva so perfectly, displaying it in a really pleasant and beautiful way. One additional point I will make is this: if you, like me, have a gloriously fat pussy, the top of the “crown” may be a bit pokey and the squidge of your bodacious mound might push through the spaces. On a slim frame, it would fit higher and with less intrusion. On a soft cuddly cunt, the clamp will sink in more and be more enveloped by flesh. Fear not! This does not affect use, and it is not at all aesthetically displeasing – just a consideration for use and appearances.   

Made to last

I mentioned the build quality of Terrible Toyshop in my past reviews and I will reiterate that sentiment here: these devices are well made, well engineered and work exactly as they should. The screw nobs are neither too big or too small, and the threading on the bolts is very fine, putting you in full control of how tight it gets and how fast. The Bad Princess Labia Clamp can be incrementally tightened to prolong, extend and intensify your consensual ‘torture’. 

Fawkes’ Faves Seal of Approval

The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop meets the Fawkes’ Faves standard. Well made, perfect in its simplicity, it works as well or better than expected and it’s affordable at $33.00 CDN (at the time of this review).

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I have happily reviewed  The Bad Princess Labia Clamp from Terrible Toyshop which they sent me free of charge,  in exchange for an honest review. This post does not contain affiliate links.

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