WBSW - Sept 2021

Write Big Sexy Words is back! 

 It’s been nearly a year since I put this project to bed and I am so excited to start it back up!

How to Participate

  1. Use one or more of the 9 words for this month as inspiration for your kink/sex/erotica writing
  2. Add the WBSW badge to your post
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  5. Use the hashtags #WBSW or #WriteBigSexyWords

This Month’s Big Sexy Words

This month’s words are fairly obscure and rather challenging – there is an archaic verb! –  but all the more fun to add them to your work! Feel free to use them in whatever tense you want or need to, same goes for plurals, possessives, etc. Several of these words have multiple definitions. In such a case, I have chosen the one I feel is most applicable to erotica and sex writing, but if another definition suits you better, that’s okay too. 

squelch noun – the soft sucking sound such as that made when pressure is applied to something wet
Jane was transfixed as Maria lowered her bottom into the delicate cream atop the cake, satisfied by the lovely squelch that filled the otherwise quiet room.

blandishverb (archaic) – to coax someone with flattery
It was worrisome to Kendra that Jane was so aggressively amorous. She didn’t want to be blandished into going home with Kendra, but she knew she would be weak against a litany of compliments.

lubriciousadjective – offensively displaying or intended to arouse sexual desire
The dancers were beautiful, high above the club in golden cages, like a flock of lubricious birds.

fecundadjective – producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile
They made love on the forest floor, nestled in the deep and fecund underbrush. 

sybariticadjective – fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent
Landon felt out of place in plain clothes, fingers nervously jingling the coins in their pocket. Clearly this crowd was less spartan and more sybaritic, they could tell by the scale and grandeur of the party. 

dollopnoun – a shapeless mass or blob of something, especially soft food
Maria turned and smiled at Jane with a glint of mischief in her eye. Jane returned the smile and parted her lips to receive the dollop of cream that Maria had scraped from her thigh. 

spumenoun – froth or foam, especially that found on waves
The happy cuckold was rewarded with the combined spume of his Mistress and her Bull, licked lovingly from between Her Majesty’s legs. 

turpitudeadjective – depravity or wickedness
The sheer turpitude of Sister Mary Agnes’ indiscretion made the monsignor incandescent with rage and desire.  

deshabilleadjective – the state of being only partly or scantily clothed
They entered the party to find a sea of leather-clad women lounging on velvet settees as their deshabille escorts sat on the floor or licked their glossy black boots.



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