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I have a whole bunch of terrible toys to review, each one scarier than the one before it. And guess what? I LOVE IT! First up are the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps from Terrible Toyshop. This company is full of unique and sadistic designs that are engineered and 3D printed! Their catalogue of toys and devices is extensive and great for beginner kinksters and more hardcore S/M enthusiasts.

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Bad Princess Nipple Clamps from Terrible Toyshop

I love to have terrible things done to me, and I love terrible toys that bring pleasure through pain, so it’s only natural that I would love everything about a kinky company like Terrible Toyshop. And I do. Their designs are quirky and modern, but the pain they can inflict is positively medieval. Case in point: the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps. 

Two crowns are better than one

The Bad Princess Nipple Clamps were the first Terrible Toyshop item I saw; they were the spark of interest that led me down a rabbit hole on their website, and into conversation with Greg, the madman behind the toys, and ultimately here, reviewing those very same clamps. 


Featuring ornamentation inspired by tiaras and sceptres, the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps are designed to showcase elegant lines and traditionally feminine detailing.

I myself am a Princess (Daddy says so!), so this design appeals to me very much. There is also a matching Bad Princess Labia Clamp that I will be reviewing as well. *squee!* 

When I first held the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps I wondered how they would work for breasts that are not as petite as on the model on the Terrible Toyshop website. The clamps were bigger than I expected, or rather, they were longer/taller. I wondered if they would be unwieldy once they were in place. I’m a G/H cup and I no longer have the pert, heavy bottomed breasts and high-riding nipples of my youth! My initial thought was that on softer, more down turned breasts the top/crown might fall forward, making them stick straight out like spiky weapons. Tit spurs, if you will. To my surprise and delight they remained upright and presented very nicely. 


Bad Princess Nipple Clamps from Terrible Toyshop


Weighing in at ¾oz (20g) per clamp, the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps are among the lighter nipple clamps that we offer (and certainly lighter than they look). These clamps’ centre of gravity allows it to balance in a vertical orientation. As a result, the lightweight design … sits nicely against the body. 

Bad Princess Nipple Clamps are easy to use

For years, my very favourite nipple toys have been a pair of simple metal vices. I love the screw, or vice, style because it allows for small tweaks in pressure, which can mean big waves of delicious pain. What makes them pale in comparison to the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps is the threading on the screws. The Bad Princess screw mechanisms are a much finer thread meaning that you can get slighter, smaller incremental cranks on them. This level of control is tantalising and torturous … a winning combination. 

Bad Princess Nipple Clamps are 3D printed and beautifully made

I love the clean, modern aesthetic of all of Terrible Toyshop’s mean things. They combine the terror of pinchy/stingy/hitty/bitey things with simple toy-like designs and candy-bright colours. The Bad Princess suite of nipple and clit clamps is a beautiful nod to DD/lg if you’re into that and not, if you’re not. The simplicity makes them instant classics and the quality is fabulous. They are nicely crafted, the metal hardware is high quality and the semi-matte finish is lovely, especially in black. If you have any reservations because they are 3D printed, there’s no need. The edges are tidy and neat, all the components fit perfectly and the moving pieces are smooth and reliable. 

Details & Dimensions

The clamping platforms of the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps are 1¼” (34mm) wide and open to ¾” (19mm) when fully extended. When fully closed, the entire toy is 5¼” (135mm) from the tip of the knob to the point of the tiara.   

Surface Area: Medium

The clamping platform offers a medium sized functional area that can be applied to the nub of the nipple or even a bit of the areola to create a blunt squeezing pain.

Teeth & Texture: Flat & Textured

The clamping platform does not feature teeth, however the grain of the 3D printed surface adds some grip to help keep the clamp from slipping off.

Power & Leverage: Medium

This clamp delivers solid pressure, but it tops out when the bottom of the frame starts to flex. This clamp may leave the hardest players wanting more.

https://violetfawkes.com/category/toy-review/Fawkes’ Faves Seal of Approval

The Bad Princess Nipple Clamps absolutely meet the Fawkes’ Faves standard. They are well made, aesthetically pleasing, they work as well or better than expected and they are affordable at $34.00 CDN for the pair (at the time of this review). I definitely recommend the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps from Terrible Toyshop.

You can get your own pair here!



I’d like to thank Terrible Toyshop for these awesome nipple clamps.
They sent me a number of toys in exchange for honest reviews. This post does not contain affiliate links.


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