I love myself today
Not like yesterday
I’m cool, I’m calm
I’m gonna be okay! 


That takes me back …

I had a blast from the past this afternoon when I Love Myself Today by Bif Naked, circa 2001, cropped up in my mind. I haven’t thought about Bif or that song in many years – probably close to the 20 years since it debuted. The song itself is still the pop-rock banger it was way back when, and the message certainly stands the test of time. More importantly for me, it made me try to recall a time when this self-love anthem’s lyrics felt rhetorical. Of course I loved myself. Didn’t I? I think so. Surely, I must have at some point? Maybe not. There’s a bit of a sting in the fact that I’m not completely sure. It hurts to think that I have been at war with myself and my body for so long and that the battle seems to stretch endlessly in both directions. 

But the past is the past, right? Despite my dodgy history of self-love, I do love myself today. I can see value in who I am and what I do. I can sleep soundly at night knowing who I am. I can look into the mirror and not hate what I see.

I can give myself just a little bit of grace, today.  

And tomorrow, I will try again. 


I’m lookin’ in the mirror and I like what I see,
I’ve lost the fear and the horror that’s been eating at me


both quotes are by Bif Naked, from I Love Myself Today, 2001


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