light of day

She slips into bed beside him carefully. As he turns over to wrap around her she tucks in under his chin and breathes in the smell of him. Pure comfort, complete security.It’s usual that they fall asleep together, their domestic routines complete: let the dogs in, make lunches for tomorrow, brush their teeth and sink into bed. They make love most nights, some mornings. His appetite has always been healthy and her desire has always stirred in his presence so their rigorous schedule has maintained over time. Lately she has been writing late into the night which disturbs their pattern and leaves him falling asleep alone a few nights a week. Writing in bed has proven impossible, so she takes the blue glow of her laptop downstairs.
His arm is heavy and solid across her hip, his exhalations warm at the back of her neck. She misses falling asleep in tandem, exhausted or simply lulled by their passions, hearing him drift off when she is in that silvery half-sleep state, feeling herself drift away with him, as if they travel the night together.
Turning gently to face him she touches his shoulder, his arm shifts. Sweetly, he pulls her closer as if she is both his protector and his protected. Her heart flutters and she wants him in the most earnest way. She kisses his sleeping lips. Softly, slowly. He does not wake up. She presses in ever so slightly more and hears his breathing change, his mouth responds. He murmurs against her lips.
“Mmmm …”
“Hey, sleepy.”
They kiss again, slowly, sleepily, no hurry and no intent.
“I missed you … What time is it?”
“Almost 2. I missed you too …”
The words stick in her throat.
“You ok?” he asks quietly.
“Yeah, I just missed you. I lost track of time. Sorry I woke you.”
“No need to be sorry, I’m glad you did.”
She feels her eyes well up, the tears shine in the low light. He kisses her cheeks as they spill over.
“Don’t cry.”
She sniffles and laughs.
“I’m okay, I’m not sad. I’m happy. Happy to be lying here with you. I just missed you and I feel bad disrupting our evenings. I hate falling asleep alone and I know you do too.”
“You need to do what you need to do. I will be here every time you come to bed.”
She kisses him again, lingering, her tongue tip tracing his lips. Her whisper is barely audible.
“I want you …”
“You have me.”
“But slowly … “
“Show me …”
She locks eyes with him in the dim and pushes him back and gently pins him down. Sliding her leg over his hip she straddles him and unbuttons her pajama top slowly. His hands move to her waist, her sides, her breasts, fully exposed as the shirt drifts down her back and is tossed from the bed.
His hands are like magic and she leans back and pulls him up to sitting. She wraps her legs around him. His hardness throbs between them making her damp with excitement, but neither of them shifts to connect. She kisses him deeply, her breasts tight against his chest, her fingers caressing the back of his neck. His kisses are returned with force, with burgeoning intention. His mouth wanders from hers, to her jaw, her throat, her ear, shoulder, chest. She’s breathless now, every nerve tuned to his touch. He moans softly as she strokes his chest and drags her teeth softly against his neck.
“Ssshhhh …. Slowly.” she murmurs into the darkness.
“Mmmmm … But …”
She whispers his name and bites his lip, silencing him gently.
She takes both his hands and kisses each palm, his wrists, his arms and shoulders, back to his mouth. His hands move to her hips and instead of slowing him again she moves with him. She rocks up tight against him, feeling the urgency between her legs and finds his aching cock. In one swift movement she takes him deep within her. She pushes him back to arm’s length, his eyes are closed, focusing on the pleasure as she rolls her hips and slowly shifts in his lap.
“Yes, baby …”
He exhales her name and slides his hands up her thighs. She interlocks her hands with his and lays back slowly until her back is on the bed, arched tightly, her hips still moving with their breathing. He leans forward over her, their heads at the foot of the bed. In moving, he slips from her momentarily. She spreads her legs and feels him pull her hips up and onto him. He settles down low over her, her inner thighs grazing his sides, he presses down as he slowly moves deeper. She rises beneath him, her body is warm and fluid as it responds to his. Completely intertwined they writhe and thrust slowly, both voices growing quietly hoarse as they whisper and laugh, kiss and bite. The inevitable climax begins to grow. He lifts her hips as he steadily drives into her, making perfect contact, watching her eyes roll back, her back arch and hearing his name escape her lips over and over. The depth and pacing brings him near the finish line within a few thrusts of her.
Slick with sweat, he shifts from between her legs and joins in beside her again. She cuddles into him and kisses his chest, his hard cock wet and springy between them.
“I’m glad you stopped.” she whispers.
She kisses his mouth and her hand wanders down to stroke him.
He kisses back firmly, sucking at her bottom lip. The suction feels like a question and as he pulls back she sees the anticipation in his face.
She moves down his body, kissing a trail along his damp skin, breathing in the smell of him, and as she moves lower, the smell of both of them together. She slides her hand back and under him, his balls fidget slightly in her hand as she strokes them and lowers her face to kiss them. His cock twitches against her cheek and she turns her attention to it. She feels his hand slide along her cheek and forehead, brushing her hair away from her face to unobstruct his view of her mouth. He sighs deeply as she licks her lips and slowly, steadily swallows all of him. When her lips meet his hilt she releases him the same way, smoothly, wetly and with calculated speed. She slides her hands up his stomach. He lays a hand over hers on his heart. She uses it as a metronome, following the beat, her mouth soft and sensitive around his tight cock. As their pace increases, she pauses at the tip of him, fondling his head with her tongue and lips.
“I’m so close …”
She works deftly, his hips bucking gently against her.
She murmurs and hums in reply, the vibration pushes him closer to climax. She meets his urgency and feels his stomach tighten under her arm, his heart pounding. As she slides up she lets his cock free of her mouth but only long enough to call him by name and order him to cum. As she swallows again she hears him moan and tense. She can feel him resisting the temptation to thrust forcefully, and knows from his breathing and sounds that he is moments away. She tightens her lips and squeezes his hand. In one long smooth motion he pushes further into her and moans, emptying himself into her mouth in long, hot spurts. She drinks him down, not slowing her stroke until he gently pushes her chin with his hand, recoiling, sensitive. She kisses his stomach and lays her head on it as he catches his breath. He gazes down, his thumb grazes her lips, his fingers in her hair. Her smile is both innocently adoring and completely self satisfied.
She watches his eyes and moves back up beside him. He pulls her closer to kiss her, his body fully relaxing, hers conforming to the side of him as she snuggles in, her ear to his chest. It’s no time at all before they drift off, wordless and dozy, only a few hours from waking and the inevitable seduction of a hot shower and rediscovering each other again in the light of day.

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.