It never seems to take much for us to get naked. We are kissing and touching, your hands and mouth wandering and returning to touch my face and kiss my lips before finding the juicy spot between my legs.

Just the suggestion of your hand near my thigh makes my legs fall apart from one another and a hushed “Yes, spread …” slips from your lips as you suck my nipple, kneading my breasts in your hands.

I’m already dripping from the copious amounts of kissing on the couch and now that we are in bed and naked and your hand is between my thighs, it’s all I can do to not buck and grind into your palm as you calmly, evenly pet me.

My lips are swollen, as is my clit as you tease it, flicking over it and then grinding it into my pelvic bone. Your forcefulness is foreshadowing for the delicious battering my gspot is about to endure. Your fingers enter me effortlessly, my slick and wanting flesh parts and you knowingly tunnel into me with purpose.

First there’s just a tap, like you’re knocking quietly on a door, asking to be let in. Then that tapping becomes juicy pummeling, fast and hard as you pull my right knee up against you, tilting me just so, increasing pressure and contact as I whimper “I’m going to … oh my god it’s going to happen.” The sound of your hand has been smooth and wet, rhythmic and quiet as you thrust your fingers into me. As you deftly strike my gspot and I’m crying out for more, begging you not to stop the telltale squelching sound begins.

Frantic, fast sloshing can be heard as I begin to cum deeply, squirting and flooding around your fingers. The orgasm is full body and the shuddering warmth is unspeakably pleasurable coupled with the fearless and knowing way you use my body. Wracked with sensation I ride it out as you deliberately press me on until I’m spent and the bed below me is sodden.

You smile as you slide in beside me to cuddle me close to you as I exclaim how I don’t understand how you make me squirt so easily. The way you kiss me immediately after tells me you never for a moment doubted you would get me there.

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.