give and take

Content/trigger warning: consensual somnophilia within an established relationship. Please proceed with caution if you find these topics challenging. 



It is a wet, drizzly morning, so grey that the sunrise is essentially a non event. Still, things lighten and daylight creeps into the bedroom. Waking, she sits up and stretches, shivering slightly as she leaves the bed for the bathroom. She sits naked on the toilet, yawns and then stands at the sink. She observes herself in the mirror briefly, wipes the sleep from her eyes and tip toes back into the bedroom. Silently she slides back under the sheet, cuddling up to his back, and closing her eyes. She dozes, turning after several minutes, to sleep on her other side.

As she moves, he wakes and turns over, stretching lazily. His eyes rest on her from across the bed; the curve of her shoulder, her waist, her hip. He feels himself stir and slides closer, tucking his arm under her head, mirroring the curve of her sleeping form. He pushes her hair gently back from her face and neck and kisses her. He feels himself swell against the back of her thigh. Gently he pushes her leg forward and begins to caress the backs of her legs and the tender curve where leg meets body. She murmurs and sleepily yawns. She kisses his forearm that cradles her head.

“Hey Beautiful …” he whispers.
“Morning, Handsome.” she whispers back.

She turns further, pulling his arm around her waist. He feels her hips ever so gently press back against him, a subtle invitation. She drops back to sleep and he feels her body relax under his touch. Deftly, slowly, as not to wake her, he slightly rolls her forward, and carefully slips inside of her. He holds his breath, gently retracting and slowly pushing deeper. She tightens around him and he exhales as slowly as possible. The pleasure is exquisite.

She wakes again, she can feel his shuddering breath at the back of her neck and his hard thickness between her legs. She leans back into him, arching her back and leading with her hips. She brings his hands to her breasts and guides his fingers and thumbs to her taut nipples. Knowingly, he gently pulls and pinches as his cock finds it’s maximum depth inside her. Breathless from the pleasure and gentle pain, she tosses back her head and feels his lips on her neck.

He pushes deeper, harder, one hand sliding down her belly to the wet notch between her legs. Her hand joins his and she guides his hand in languid, firm circles, her lip clenched between her teeth in concentration. Her whimpers only inspire his hunger as he moves into her, trying to hold back, but it builds too quickly. He feels her flutter around him and he releases, moaning into the back of her neck. She presses back hard and increases the friction, riding against him and grinding into his hand. She cries out and rides the wave of pleasure with him. Both spent, he flops onto his back as they disengage, she turns and fits into the nook of his side, her cheek on his chest just under his chin.

“What a way to wake up.”
“Mmmmm, I thought you might like that.” he chuckles.

In moments she is asleep again. He waits until her breathing is deep with sleep and even before carefully moving out from under her and leaving the bed. His mind is replaying the morning’s events as he steps into the shower. The caress of the warm water and his active imagination invigorate him and he closes his eyes as the water rains down and he strokes himself efficiently. The thought of her hand on his as he rubbed her, the sounds she made, all come flooding back. Suddenly the peace and pleasure of his touching comes to a screeching halt.

“What are you doing?” She’s standing right in front of him on the dry side of the glass, hair in every direction, lips puffy from kissing and sleep.
“I was just … “

She’s gone. The bathroom door closes behind her. “Fuck …” He turns off the water, feels himself instantly deflate. He wraps himself in a towel and returns to the bedroom. She’s in bed, covers pulled up, her back to the door. He climbs in. Waits to see if she will speak first.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Her voice is small and hurt. His heart leaps to his throat.

“It wasn’t …. It kind of just happened.” He waits, knowing how unsatisfactory his answer is.

“Would you rather just …?”

“No! Of course not. But I do that sometimes! You know that!”

“It’s different when you’re with me, when it’s part of what we are doing.” She turns her face into the pillow.

“Are you crying?”

“No.” She sniffs.

He moves closer, she is stiff as he wraps an arm around her but she doesn’t shake him off. He cuddles in against her.

“Come on. You mean to say you never ever do it? Not in the bath? Not before you sleep? If I’m not home? Never?”

“Well …. Hardly ever.”


“But we had just finished! We could have just gone again!”

“I was letting you sleep. You were so peaceful.”

She sighs.

“You know I’d always rather with you … Right?”

She nods as he kisses her temple, turning to meet his eyes. Hers are brimming with tears.

“Oh … Come on … Don’t cry. Please.”

She nods again, and attempts a smile. He kisses her softly and she wraps around him. He leans into her and rolls them both over. She squeals as they tumble together and she ends up on top of him. Straddling him she crosses her arms across her chest and furrows her brow. Her eyes don’t meet his.

“Hey, why so shy?” He slides his hands up her thighs. Her arms cross tighter and she turns her face away.
“What is it?” He sits up, his chest against her arms, “Just hold onto me …. You’re ok.”

She relaxes into him and wraps her arms around his neck, her face buried just under his jaw. His hands stroke her back and hips.
“It just made me feel …. So unsexy.”

He gently pushes back from her.
“Look at me.”

She hesitates, teary again. Her eyes meet his, unblinking. “It made me feel like … I don’t know. Not good enough.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re perfect.”

“I’m not, that’s silly.” Her lip is quivering.

“I was thinking of what we had just finished and got inspired. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. I couldn’t be more attracted, plus, you fuck like a champ.”

He smiles, she smiles back and smacks his shoulder. Taking the opportunity as her arms uncross from across her chest he takes her by the wrists and crosses them behind her head, secured with one hand. With the other he pulls her in against him. Holding her that way, she’s caught, firmly pinned against him. He leans in slowly and kisses softly along her jaw to her ear and whispers, “I think you’re a goddess and I want you again.” She closes her eyes.


This time his whisper is more direct. He lets go of her wrists and lays back. She slides her hands into his and leans down close to his chest over him. She kisses his chest, licks and nibbles his shoulder. He tilts his head back and feels himself stiffen behind her. She lifts and barely grazes her wetness against the tip of him.

“Like this?”


Her lips move across his chest again and pause over his heart.

“Your heart is pounding,” she whispers.

“See what you do to me?”

She smiles, her confidence returning. She lets go of his hands and sits straight up, pushing back, taking him into her in one smooth motion.
His hands move to her hips and she leans back, her pelvis pressing down and forward then lifting back, over and over. She rides him deftly, changing pace as his breathing fluctuates, anticipating his pleasure, grinding hard, then nearly sliding off of him. “Cum for me.” she whispers. This is not a gentle request, and he can tell. She takes his left hand and brings it to her lips, slowly, deeply sucking on his finger.

“Come …” Her tongue swirls around his finger in her mouth like it was the tip of his cock.

“For …” She increases both her speed and suction.

“Me …” She tightens around him and pulls his finger from her mouth. She feels his stomach clench as he pushes up into her over and over.

He can’t help but let go. She can feel his load running out of her, overflowing her, dripping down between them. She slows the circles her hips are tracing as she feels him soften inside her. She lays down against the sweat of his chest.
He murmurs, “Like a fucking champ.” She smiles and slides off of him.

“Better than your own hand in the shower?”

“Infinitely better.”

She kisses him and slips from the bed and heads for the shower.

“That’s what I thought.”

Sleep takes him before she’s even in the hallway.





Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.