He starts undressing me and touching between my legs. I’m getting wet fast and with his left hand on the middle of my chest he kneels over me.He sucks on the fingers of his right hand and opens me up with them, tells me to cum. He’s unceremonious, intense. The eye contact is intoxicating and I’m chewing my lip to a nervous pulp. I can’t argue, I don’t want to resist.

He says, “Your pussy is so perfectly tight, squirt for me so I can fuck it”. It’s more a challenge than a demand, certainly not a request. His fingertips pummel my insides just so and I make it to my gushing conclusion but not before he has his mouth on me.

Licking and sucking, wrestling his fingers and tongue into me I’m writhing and pushing against him. He grunts into me and the ceiling of my cunt is pulsing between his rough taps and squeezes. I squirt and come with a straining yelp that makes him grin. Fingers and thumbs denting the flesh of my hips, he flips me over and slides into me from behind so deeply and so slowly that I’m breathless from the sensation, mouthing “oh fuck, oh fuck” into the mattress until I’m coming again. He pulls out and shoots on my back. It’s hot and thick and I smile to myself as he drenches me. Back inside me, he stays still and tells me to “fuck back onto him”. I oblige eagerly and with a few rolls of my hips and some slow-slow-fast against him he comes again, effortlessly, all over my ass and thighs.

I roll over and he presses himself against my side. The ferocity has ebbed and he crushes his teeth into my shoulder and chuckles as I squirm and he pets my clit until I’m hushed and dozy. His lips are on my neck and he’s whispering my name and telling me to come again, just one more time, for him. I surf the slow, heavy wave, his voice is so near I can feel his breath but it seems to come from miles away. I’m nearly in tears I’m so spent and he kisses my brow and strokes my cheek until my breathing steadies.

Then we are done. Then we sleep.

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.