Hello world! BoobDay is live so link up your pics here! Can we hit 10 entries this long weekend? We shall see!

Happy Victoria Day Weekend my fellow Canadians and happy Friday to the rest of you. Here in the Mighty North we call this the ‘May 2-4’ weekend because it is often the first weekend of properly summer-ish weather, and informally jumpstarts the camping and outdoor recreation season. In Canadian slang, a “two-four” refers to a flat of 24 beer – the kind you’d take on a camping trip, or to a picnic or bush party. Because it’s such a party weekend, it’s become synonymous with heavy drinking, outdoor sport and kicking back with friends and family. We have all but forgotten Queen Victoria, for whom the holiday exists.

In honour of the long weekend, this weekend’s link-up will run until Midnight Monday night so you have loads of time to snap some pics before you ‘go for a rip’ or ‘crack a cold one with the boys’ – (more Canadian slang for you there!)

In more blog-specific news: Participation has been flagging a bit with Boobday (and #LiFE) which makes sense since overall the blog community seems slow and quiet right now. I’m certainly not one to talk – I haven’t written in ages – but if there’s something I can do to make either project more appealing or more inclusive, please let me know. When I was on hiatus I had such blow back for being “selfish” for not posting link-ups that now I’m a bit perplexed that the projects seem under-utilized. Again, if it’s something I’m doing or not doing, please give me that feedback. I suppose I should “advertise” more but again, I don’t want to ‘flog a dead horse’ or annoy with constant reminders. I love BoobDay and I believe in it, perhaps I’m not making that clear.


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