“Don’t tell me you’ve gone shy now,” she smiled and patted her palm with the heavy wooden paddle. “Shall we just cuddle instead?” His eyes lit up at the prospect of cuddling but the way his cock twitched as she turned the paddle in her hand made him feel more brave.

“No, I’ve not gone shy … just preparing myself.” He didn’t mean to sound defensive but blushed because he knew he did.

“Hmmm. I have an idea.” She lay back into the large leather arm chair and put her heels on the seat, tucked close to her bum. With a grin, she dropped her knees apart and let the lace edge of her lingerie skim over her cunt, spread taut before him. She giggled and snapped at her garter straps, releasing them and rolling her stockings down. His mouth went dry at the interplay of her clear dominance with the softness and vulnerability of her.

“Come here.” There was no room for negotiation in her tone. He stepped forward, and was met with her foot in his chest.


Blushing again, he dropped to his knees and crawled forward, slowly, eyes on hers, transfixed, dying to look into the holy eye of her cunt.

“Good boy. Closer … yes.”

His face was between her thighs, the warm flesh of them against his cheeks and the sweet, briny gloss of her lips made it hard for him to catch his breath, so desperate was he to press his mouth to her.

“I want you to please me, and the better you please me, the more of this you will get. A bit of a predicament, isn’t it?” She stroked his back and his bare ass with the paddle, patting it softly.

“I will do anything to please you, including taking every spank that you wish to give me, Goddess, and gladly.”

“Good boy. You may begin.”

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